May 5th, 2004


Wednesday...Hump It Up Day... May 5

Ok so you can't see it all that well... but please say good morning to my pimple.
I'm 42... I wash... I eat well... (sorta) and I have a glorious pimple on my freaken forehead that deserves it's own area code.
Little bastard.

:::::::[ and a smile, 'cause yer so nice to me... ]:::::::

~ red stripee ftls
~ what appear to be black pants... but, ah-ha! they are in fact super dark green, like basically treacle or molasis but then that sounds sticky... and it's not even lunch yet...
~ a strange undefined sorta green collarless shirt and a two tone tommy sweater that does a pale green thing...
~ 11:am meeting on the bid...
~ plenty of writing on the bid
~ the bid the bid the bid the bid... ahhhh fucking kill me.
~ wednesday eh... maybe there's a new enterprise or new west wing on tonight... (crosses fingers)
~ it was easy to not give a shit about being led... but alas, earwax! It's not rocket science, I reach out and I hold on... but when it's not wanted or appreciated... that's totally cool. Life is long and I have plenty of time to build my happiness, friendships and relationships. But stringing me along because your too chicken shit to just say you don't give a care... is wrong. So... I guess what I'm saying is... blow me. And no, it's not about you... it's about someone who wont see this so it doesn't matter... I'm just venting... see: my journal... I vent. :D
~ that the plans for today and your meeting with the boss go as you hope... lizvang...
~ to send some congrats out to chrissmari... not sure what MMU is ... but I'd just make up silly shit if I guessed so...
~ that my good and sweet friend cherripop212 is doing well...
~ to shoot big happy congrats out to tonya on the house deal... first a hubby... then a baby... now a house... Clearly I met you at a remarkable time in your life. :D :D :D
~ and that a very precious woman, way far away... (ninneviane) finds a little relief and gets a whole lot better!!

[ :: Hedy Lamar :: ]
Do yourself a favour and go read that...
You and I both know her as [ :: this hot bombshell :: ] from movies... but the fact is... she invented spread spectrum frequency distribution that forms the basis for modern cellular communications, missile guidance systems, and radio... Yeah... read that again. oh, and of course, she never made a dime out of it. She made the conscious choice, when faced with Howard Hughes offering to buy her patent (huge $$) to instead give it freely to the US government to help with the war effort.
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big smiles...

I just ran into this guy at work who's here on a course... he was practicing some jubbling in the lunch room.
We get to talking and it turns out he runs a juggling "troop" that operates a lot like a community center event thing out of the building that was my public school... in my old neighborhood.

They teach juggling and unicycle riding at the [ :: club ::] ... with the clubs equipment... no costs...

So it looks like I've got a new "thing" to do with the boys this summer... juggling and (a personal goal of my own), learning to ride a uni...

Weeee... :D


~ security locks, activated by the badge dangling from the company logo neck thing...
~ doors on strong spings to ensure their swift return to a closed position.
~ stylish young man, of the just the right height to pass the security sensor with only a slight shuffle to swing the badge past and bring the soft click of it's activation to life.
~ a firm grip on the brass handle opens the door... just so... allowing his light steps to carry him through.
~ Except on those occasions when he walks face and chest first into the rappidly swinging-closed door's edge.
~ wwwwhhhhhaaaack!

I'm clearly living on the leading edge of those that move through life with grace...

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Birthday Katchup

Yesterday! May 4, was tonyroomz's birthday!! (and pluralizing a z is fun!). No really... Happy Birthday RoomZ. May the next year bring a whole lotta "more of the same" ... because it really seems like this last year has been kind. :D

And today! Happy Birthday rememberingyou. I'm so happy that this last year has brought you the joy that is under your watchful gaze... I do hope you get some great pleasures in the new year... like chances to have a nap or some other unimaginable joy... :)  Have a wonderful year and may you and your family be blessed with great health...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Tony and Darci-sugar... Happy Birthday to you...