May 4th, 2004


Tuesday, May 3.

Man... that pic makes my nose look like a freaking bill... as in a pelican bill...

a : a person easily cheated or deceived b : a person irresistibly attracted by something specified (a sucker for ghost stories) c -- used as generalized term of reference (see if you can get that sucker working again).

Yes indeed... well, that may be... but I'm happy... so whatever.

Man... did I ever get my fill last night... er... ok, maybe not (get yer head out of the gutter)
We played at again... and I spent a couple of hours blasting away with the paint gun, flying around with the paint gun with a hover pack and playing "people bowling" with a dune buggy... sadly, this is remarkably fun. :D

~ black ftls
~ black jeans
~ black and red p-z shirt... (Icon shirt... meaning... look at the icon... lol)
~ big comfy warm cream coloured sweater... -5 last night... brr... freak weather
~ to go to a morning killing meeting in 10 minutes ... !! grrrr
~ do whatever they tell me at the meeting for the rest of the day... bid stuff
~ tonight? um...
~ a sweet girl in Toronto... that does her trading time for money thing by helping at an institution that supports our senior community... knows how wonderful she is...
~ that my friends sharing in the bbbbbrrrrr cold zone ... find some warmth... :D
~ for the turning of fortunes cards to put a face card in the path of nbbmom... um... you know... for fun and excitement.
~ to send some good good vibes to my friend jennfromtx and her little fifi... :D
~ and that I had more time checking friends pages this morning... but alas... earwax...

Smile so much it hurts... I mean, can you think anything besides fetish oriented sex that is a better excuse for pain?

me = big rush... gotta fly.

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:: Hello Nurse! ?? ::



fifths disease... The "slapped face" virus...

No idea what I'm talking about here... but I'll be reading about this later.

Edward has 5ths disease... apparently it's running around the school.

It's something with all kinds of warnings about staying away from pregnant women...
and that mommys and daddys (z and I) can be carriers for an incubation period...
and can get "it" as well... and apparently if we do, we get "it" much worse than kids...

Something about being itchy all over is just not sounding like great giant vats of fun to me...

So who knows about this?
What was your experience?

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~ I got my "canvassers package" yesterday from the CNIB... I'm "doing my street". :D

~ interesting conversations in the thread about the iraq prisoners... thank you for that... I learn something every day... This teaches me to stay aware that there's always plenty to learn.

~ a new friend... ouroboros668 is really an old friend... Keith, a work friend for several years and a very remarkable young man, has joined the LJ journal ranks... go say hi... I bet he'd love to hear from you. :D

~ I really like this song....
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Which one is a lie:

a) Sitting in a smoke filled bar in the deepest parts of Amsterdams overnight club zone... I looked up from the ridiculous reefer that had just been passed to me to see Arlo Guthrie bobbing his head to the sounds of Led Zeps just released "In The Evening".

b) Handcuffed and flanked by two DC police officers, I was led through a sea of rush hour subway travellers, heading to one of several squad cars arranged at the top of the stairs... waiting to transport my fellow crime lords and I to the station for a wee stay behind bars... Of course, while walking past the endless commuters below the Pentagon I just had to say "yup... we bad" in an Eddy Murphy voice... this earned me a rather swift cuff across the top of my head...

c) Stepping out of the dressing room I shared with the other pages, I could see rudolph nureyev down the hall... talking to some scantily clad woman... then suddenly he pulls back and absolutely clocks her. Shaken (not stirred) she yells at him in french and storms off... An hour later we are both on the stage of Canada's National Arts Center... he's playing the lead in the National Ballet of Canada's Giselle production with Karen Kain played ... well... Giselle. I was a page to the queen... just a wee little bit of a boy..

d) Clearly having had too much to drink... I stumbled away from the crowd and followed the edge of the wall until I found a door. The sounds of YES "live in the round" played on in the background but I couldn't care less... I needed a washroom. Not sure how I managed it... but I found one - and it was on the wrong side of a group of big guys that keep the riff raff out. After throwing up for ages... and then cleaning up... I lit a smoke and headed out into the hall... I was swept up by a group of women, and a few guys heading to a back room... waiting for Rick Wakeman to come back after the show. I chowed down on the finger foods and spent considerable energy lying my ass off to the groupies about being part of the road crew...

e) Tipping my hat to all the people who say "just act like you belong"... when I stopped to snap a picture of their offices... I stepped up to the group of visiting Korean businessmen lined up for a picture out front of HP Galactic Core (headquarters in Palo Alto) and "made like I belonged"... in fact I gave the guide my camera and asked for another picture with the group. There was much bowing and business card exchanging and everyone had a grand time... no idea what was happening... but I kept smiling and laughing... so they did too... and I'm in all of their Group Photos.