April 30th, 2004




tummy bathed in morning's light
warm fingers clutching covers tight
your gaze is a symphony of silent thought.

reclining in the shadowless day
busy hair absently brushed away
your lap, a loving playpen for tiny fingers.

the many colours of sunset
lonely eyes, reflecting and wet
your grateful hands clutch letters like covers... tight.

walking in the night's tapestries
bare feet step between memories
your dream is a mosaic of drifting moonlight.

friday... finally... sheesh... April 30.. wait.. that means May is here...

K... what's with Lj? I'm seeing serious cyrillic text in poll posts and stuff...
then I reload and it's gone...
it's like an infection of russian has leaked into the english version of Lj...

I finished my experiment with [ :: 5-5-8 :: ]...
and managed to have a really great sleep last night... I totally hold the open window above my pillow responsible.
I woke up feeling exceptionally alive and collected. I let my little Z sleep away and put Geo through his morning paces with pancakes and a big smoochy kiss as he and his gigantic backpack zoomed away to his bus stop.

Ok, so look... it's friday and I want to hold onto the very good vibe that friday deserves...
but I have to say...
the Iraq thing is going wrong guys...
you had a good idea there... and you were highly motivated.
However, at what point to you stop and grow and brain about this?
I mean... really.

~ blue ftls
~ tan... ok, fuck it... beige... kinda [ :: ... p-z jeans for friday... :: ]... and yeah I wore them yesterday...
~ I started in black jeans... but I embraced my insane side and changed before I left the house
~ gray T and a red p-z golf shirt... and yeah, I'm a freaking p-z poster boy today...
~ um... sorta realized last night that I left a few things out of my reports ... so I'm amending those this morning...
~ not sure about the afternoon but I'm going to shoot for writing about survivor at lunch...
~ tonight? it's been ages since I played in There.com... maybe... :D
~ I could see debby's face next time she sees "eels" on the menu in a japanese restaurant...
~ Ceara Jane (theauthoress had left comments on so I could tell her that her hair looks great in those pictures... :D
~ that little debby (I love calling you that, btw) nordicgrrl doesn't have an ear infection and just feels better ... like magic!
~ that today goes well for phej... I know there's been a tonne of work getting here... good luck yo!!!
~ to send some congrats out to elliriel... house hunting ... fun stuff!!
~ that things are ok with kendokamel... my little stick wielding girl...
~ that I find time to sneak over to kitykity's web space and see how she's doing...

hey birthday banditos...
dreamy_thoughts Happy Birthday Mellinda... I just know that this will be a year packed with memory making moments... May there be plenty of pictures in your near future. :D
hilts dude! Happy birthday ... may there be an abundance of ketchup potato chips in your world. Have a great day. :D.
khariyah Hey miss jiggly icon girl... hahahaha... Happy Birthday sweet n' sugar. May you have soft skin, warm hands and all the love you can take... have a great birthday sugar.

~ regarding the birthday girl that was in hiding yesterday!! :D :D
babsie Happy Day Late Birthday Babs... May this year bring you amble opportunity to keep writing... you are a treasure to read and I hope very much that we can keep in touch. :D

Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor 8: The All Stars!!

Rupert Porn... lovely.

Wherein... Everybody is on their last nerves, so it’s a good time to haul out everyone’s "loved ones" and torture them in front of the gang. Nice huh... and if you’re one of the millions of fans that has recently said "If Rob doesn’t win Immunity and they don’t vote him out... I’ll quit watching." ... well, it’s looking like quitt’en time.

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