April 26th, 2004


It's all about Monday... April 26...

Yeah... so it rained like mad last night... now it's all kinda drippy, gray and cool out there...

You know... I gotta say, when you let the fuckers get to you... you are victimizing yourself.

I cannot understand how someone can make the actual choice to torment another human being.... at a personal level I mean, not globally... I can't really understand the global thing either but fuck if I can figure out why people like Bush want to remake the world in their own image... no, I'm not talking about them. I mean some git that decides to spend time and energy, let alone money, to bug the shit out of someone else. I mean... I'm talking "first up against the wall when the revolution comes, right along with all the lawyers", here. (sorry glenn... nothing personal). However, you have to acknowledge that fear is it's own demon and it's own master. I take fairly regular attacks from strangers in the land of net space and only get jiggy (public) with the more juvenile ones... but regardless of the source, I refuse to play their game. I vote for having a long memory but not giving them the satisfaction of seeing me sweat....

Don't get me wrong... I understand how the fear thing works... been there... got the ugly t-shirt.
I would do anything I can for my friends to help and protect them ... but there is only so much that is possible.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ off white T
~ black sweater with a red stripe... (I really like red stripes... )
~ in 45 10 mins I dive into a meeting that will kill most of the day... (well... we'll see...)
~ it's all about prepping a bid response today...
~ oh, and time sheet hell is today...
~ tonight? yeah... Jacks alive again...so more 24 is no doubt in the offing... I believe we have 2 or 3 epi's left in season 2.
~ for some sweet and low peace to find my friend tiarafetish
~ to just say a quiet little meow to mindcrime (snicker...)
~ for the fevers to slip away in the land of my friend cottontimer
~ that the cycles of baby... conspire to give m&d some sleep... sweet relief... for dear kimmellee

You know it'd be great to work at a company that decided "hey, it's 2004... lets all wear brightly coloured single suits..." I'm thinking orange or silver... or maybe orange and silver. Of course, going to client meetings would be a freaking scream.... gah, clearly I need to be funded to start my own company... :D :D

Yeah, so I really gotta jet...
ug... I'm not feeling like a huge fan of Mondays right now...
Ah well... (grabs some crack...) gotta just spin till it feels as good as it should. :D
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    Ten Thousand Maniacs - These are the Days

Later... :D

Time to zooom home.

I need to pretend to be awake for just a few more hours... until my second ? first? wind kicks in...


Is it the physical?
The spoon that warms your night
Is it the the sexual?
The sweat you wipe away, as you gasp... again and again...
Is it the support?
The little mini measuring cup of cough medicine and the chicken soup?
You know it's not really those things...
It's the connection!
Knowing that your partner knows who you really are... and still loves you just the same.


See you soon...