April 22nd, 2004


Thursday, April 22

FLICK... yuppers... that would be suzanne's hand reaching over to flick at me as I snap a morning pic
(insert rodney dangerfield voice thing here... hahaha)

Today is [ :: Earth Day... :: ]
(good boy google... good boy)
That makes tonight Moon Night. (be sure to chuck one at some point ...)

Later this week... we have Mars day. Then Jupiter day...

~ red stripee ftls...
~ I have to dress up for a presentation tomorrow... so "Jeans Friday" is today...
~ blue jeans
~ b.u.m. equip t and a short sleeve button up shirt too...
~ shit kicker shoes... kinda clunky but very comfy...
~ total knuckle under day...
~ finish all drafts for the bid...
~ review "project presentation" (for tomorrow)
~ go see some dining room furniture at lunch ... meeting suz downtown...
~ tonight? why it's a Survivor Night of course... :D
~ to send some good vibes to a friend that is busy walking one of the harder roads... I'm proud of you sylph
~ I could pull lakme's hair and push her onto the sofa...
~ that a very sweet friend, ninneviane, ever so far away... gets to hold onto that good vibe all day... :)
~ for a good trip to be in the offing for ratonil
~ to point out to knightsdawn that you can run... but you can't really hide...
~ that jenny_rambles finds he comes back with only a little b), absolutely no a) and a whole bunch of t-l-c)
~ and happy "counting down" to my friend phej... :D :D

Um... hahahaha... check my song... and I did just get off the phone with knightsdawn :D :D :D

Reading this Da Vinci Code book has, among other things, really made me wanna go visit london and paris to see some landmarks... !!

Last night was the UI - Uber Intense - episode of 24 season 2 with Jack trying to extract info from evil terrorist dude ... satellite feeds to nameless middle eastern country where agents of doom are holding terrorist dudes family at gun point... It was one of the Spock moments... "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" when I tried to process the emotions. What actually is happening in that scene is something that you'd have to watch the show to understand...and I don't wanna give it away... but lets jump off that bridge and consider the generality... is there such a thing as justifiable homicide? I'm not talking the death penalty there... I'm talking the good guys - arguably - putting a gun to a kids head and pulling the trigger... if there was some "serves the greater good" argument?

Of course we all know what your heart tells you to say... let alone your rational thought... No... of course not.
But I am, once again reminded of the joke about the guy at the fancy spancy party...

He see's this gorgeous red head and brings her a drink.
Striking up a conversation, he says;
"Look... I think you're beautiful...
simply stunning... I want you...
if I give you one million dollars...
will you spend the night with me?"
She sips her drink and acts coy.
She flutters her eyelashes... while her brain does several mathematic back flips...
and responds: "well... that sounds like quite an offer. I think I could do that honey... "
So he says, checking his watch; "You know... it's kind of late...
how about if I give you a hundred bucks and you blow me in the bathroom over there..."
Absolutely stunned... she says "what? No... what kind of a girl do you think I am?"
Him: "Honey, we've already worked out what kind of a girl you are...
we're just negotiating now... "

We blow up, burn up, rip up and otherwise shred children rather often ... let alone whole families...
We just do it remotely and with smart bombs (that are much less smart than anyone suspects)
and crashing cyber-drone recon planes, surgical strikes, supporting religiously fanatical regimes, etc etc etc....
because there is some greater good (in theory) being served....
so saying it's not ok to kill someone hand-to-gun-to-head to achieve your political ends...
is basically being squeamish... and just a bit hypocritical.

It's funny what the government can convince us to support when they wrap it up in a flag.

Ok ok... enough of the deep stuff... hmm... sorry.
:D have a wonderful day where ever you are.
oh, and amyaustin is wonderful... don't you think?
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time to grab my camera and zoom away to look at furniture...
(note: last time I did this I came across the flipped car... crossing fingers that there is no such moment in my near future)


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Move along, I'm protected.
See my guardian, winking at you through the glass.
There was a time when parking lots were not dotted with tiny, blinky red lights.
Little dashboard politicians making insincere promises.

Go to sleep, you're protected.
See your guardian, locked in the cabinet above your desk.
There was a time when little children didn't walk the streets... angry and packing.
Scared little vessels filled with misunderstood purpose.

Live your life, you're protected.
See your guardian, speaking to you over the microphones.
There was a time when you're faith in The Man was not so threatened, tested.
Maybe she can help...