April 19th, 2004


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ok... night. :D

Alias was great...
... and sleep will be bliss.

mondays... gah!
and the silicon chip inside her head
gets switched to overload...

See ya.

Monday, April 19... Kill Bill C12

Oh it's one of those pre-storm days...
it's warm and cold at the same time... and still... oh, there's wind, but the air around that wind, is heavy and trying desperately to lie down and rest.
Low rider clouds like japanese gangsters whipping in ... and whipping out again.
Walking from the car park to the office building door... I can taste the thunder that is waiting to crawl around the sky.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ blue mock neck shirt... mock mock mock... I love saying mock... mock mock... mock! MOCK! It's like cock but marginalized, um, "like cock" in the way if feels in your mouth when you say it... and stop with the "in your mouth" jokes... although ... how can you? "it's like cock" and "how it feels in your mouth" in the same line... ok, shut up... just stop... it's a fun word, is all... stop er... mocking me... hahahaha... ahhh I kill me... ok, no really though it's like "groom"... say it enough and it loses all meaning. mock mock mock mock...
~ black sweater... with a red stripe...
~ made Edit Boy all day... (where is my own private willedit when I need her... hahaha)
~ (ps. it's ok... stop... nobody around here asks me to check spelling... so we're safe...)
~ more Bid work and more marketing material work... a busy monday in the making...
~ definitely more 24 tonight...
~ that my little Georgie gets past this cough... he's coughing up a storm again... but I think it's bronchial (sp?) not asthma... like a cold gone wrong...
~ for some printer relief for my friend ninneviane ... If you're gonna get a new one, then go to town with the "hit it and see if it works" thing... :D :D
~ to say I'm thankful that ladyfire got down from the clocktower
~ to send some big serious hugs and much much lj love'en out to carefreespirit um... just 'cause
~ for a little strength and determination to make it's way into the heart of a sweet friend... little miss sugarvaulter
~ that I could stand in front of justvisiting and give her a high five... it fucking takes courage baby... go you.

//rant on.
Yeah, so I was listening to [ :: The Current :: ] on my way to work... (um, I always listen to that show on my way to work...) and today She had David Cronenberg on to comment on Bill C12 that is facing very little opposition in the Canadian Parliament... fuckers.
[ :: Bill C12 :: ]
This bill amends the Canadian criminal code as a reaction to several things... but chief among them is the BC Court case of Fuck Brain Sharp... the dude with the kiddie porn writing and the kiddie porn images... he was charged and convicted over possession of the images as a crime but the case against him for possessing his own wittings failed.
The problem is... Bill C12 removes the criminal defence of Artistic Merit and replaces it with the notion of a legal test of art being "in the public good".
Do you have any idea how fucked that is... ????
Besides the obvious problem that all artists should recognize of the Bill giving undefined and sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping censorship powers to law enforcement and government there are the subtle aspects of the "test" that should scare you. A kid in high school... writes a story in his private hand written journal about a sexual touching experience he had with his girlfriend behind the school after the dance... would be a criminal act and he could be jailed.
Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita - defined as a masterpiece in it's literary form, would be burned and Vlad would go to jail.
Ok... but that still doesn't touch what really freaks me out...
The government will entrench, in a law that governs my expression, a test the demands someone - an undefined someone - will define "The Public Good".
Hitler did that...
So did several Popes... 5 million women were burned at the stake because their activities were deemed to be contrary to the public good.
Recent religious leaders have tried to defined what is in the public good and they've been rather successful in forcing the hands of government.
What is defined as "the public good" by one government is ripe fodder for change when the next government steps in...
Subversion through Artistic Expression is a wonderful pressure release for the challenged masses and all of North America has a rich, beautiful and brilliant history of this.

In a world where "making room for art" needs to be rammed down peoples throats before they shrivel up and die from working too hard, we are watching our government legislate themselves into a place where they can limit artistic expression... and make criminals out of your creativity.

You wanna talk about Kill Bill... I say Kill Bill C12.
//rant off

okidoki... time for work. :D

Have a fantastic day... it's a monday, but don't let that get in the way...
Make room for art... and smile at someone.
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