April 16th, 2004


friday... friday ... friday... oh, and it's like April 16 or something...

Yup... that's my little Sens fan. He's wearing his Senators Jersey to school... too bad you can't see the logo in the picture... Suz was busy making "go sens go" necklaces out of those little letter beads last night... Go to school... get surrounded by tiny little hockey fans. We kinda got up late today so I had to drive Geo to school... and it's a "spirit" day at school... it's a sea of little fans... :D

We're eating peanuts last night... honey roasted nuts mind you... and Suz is getting ready to seal up envelops with fund raising stuff in them to go with the boys to school in the morning. There is a strong covenant against all things peanut like at the kids school... So suz stopped short of licking the envelops before the peanut mouth was all gone... how bad is it that we ended up gasping for breath over the jokes we were cracking about epi pens, and puffed up kiddies opening envelops... we're horrible... horrible...

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: can't... stop... being.... a.... dolt.... :: ]
~ strong bad T-shirt
~ fake silk shirt thing... the one with the Leave Me Untucked hem on it... (so it's untucked yo! :D)
~ gah! they changed a date, so now part two of the bid process is due on monday at 8:00 am. LOVELY.
~ meeting to review the marketing stuff I was doing a while ago...
~ writing about Survivor at lunch...
~ tonight... there will be much 24... :)
~ that there is plenty of brooklyn squishing in the very near future for kimberly27616
~ that I knew what sneetches was doing last night....?
~ for some sweet relief to find that sweet new mommy... ectv who's living in new mommy boobie nation... :)
~ that you would go see ossie's journal and read a story he retold there this morning... it brought a tear... Run through the rain...
~ that the little painted adorable danica continues to sound like a cool independent woman

So we're watching the first Epi of Season 2 of 24 last night... it's all about big bomb under LA somewhere... and, of course, the evil do'ers are these mid east dudes that have names like Abu, and Abdul... and I swear... whatever idiot came up with the name "Dirty Bomb" was just toying with the fact that we'd have to hear it in context with middle eastern accents all the time...
Abu: "Hey... Abdul... do you have the dirty bum?"
Abdul: "yessss Abu... come... come here and see my dirty bum..."
Abu: "Ah... praise allah... that is one giant dirty bum..."
Abdul: "yessss... it is a glorious dirty bum... we shall punish the evil white man with our giant dirty bum...."

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Survivor 8 Update!!

Survivor VIII : The All Stars

Ok... Everybody Cry Now.

Wherein... Jeff tortures them for a bit with video moments from home... Sadly this means he plays videos for them, and does not actually beat them with video tapes, which would have added quite a bit of excitement. Alas... earwax. Cindy Lou Who shows up and shoves a heart up Boston Robs ass and he gets nice for a couple of seconds and Lex turned into a hearth brush. fun eh?

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