April 14th, 2004


It's all about Wednesday yo... April 14

bwaahahahaha... and I am an adult... er... well, that's what I tell people anyways...
Seriously though... this needs a caption... and refrain from "Hi... I'm a dink".

ok ok ... and because you know I love ya... [ :: a morning smile :: ] that does not look like a froople or a psycho...

So have you or anyone you know been a member of the US Armed forces? Was Larium a part of that life? (Larium = drug to ward off Malaria... sorry if I'm killing the spelling). I wonder if they have a drug called Daryl-ium?. Very scary stuff there... That drug is issued to US AF's and is linked to depression, violence, and poor taste in clothing... The whole world of drug development is very much on my mind lately... from drug cocktails that fight the impact of HIV... that are useless to you if you don't own a watch (Hello... third world) and are controlled by profit hungry developers... to the very complicated arguments about generics and money and research... Drugs should be available... Why is it that without profit... and I'm talking multinational global mega god kinds of profit... we can not expect the continued development of medications? I still hypothesize that the next global pandemic will be the result of a long term complication from a drug we will be told to take to ward off a contemporary illness. It's a tangled web ...

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// mini rant
Ok... look... [ :: this news story :: ] is about a family named Khadr. (Ka-der) The father is a self confessed hard core Al-Queda supporter... or "was" ... he's now a dead "martyr to the cause". One of his sons is in Quantonimo Bay with a bag over his head... Another son is in a wheel chair... 15 years old and a veteran of terror gun battles... The mother thinks sending her sons to an Al-Queda training camp is a good deal 'cause it will help keep her boys from becoming homosexual drug users. The daughter and mother are confident supporters of the values and beliefs espoused by Osama Bin-Asshole. All of this is OUT-THERE... Not hearsay... they (the Khadr family) admit all of this with no contest. The fun part? They are Canadian Citizens... and they just arrived (well.. mom, daughter and the 15 year old boy) at the airport to make their way home. Back from Afghanistan.

K... so what does all that make you feel? I mean... I think Micheal Jackson is a fuck wad for appearing in a never ending stream of media reports walking around with a little boys... while his ass on fire with the accusations that he abused little boys... And it's no different to see the Khadr's talking the Al-Queda talk while the rest of the world wants to see Al-Queda zone ... um... glowing in the dark. I can spare no single positive thought for these people and their beliefs. Canadian Muslims of "standing" accuse the Khadr's of holding beliefs that are in direct opposition to the Koran (am I spelling this stuff properly?? sorry if I am getting it wrong). And I think the whole family if fucked...

However... last time I looked... you're thoughts are not subject to legal constraint or punishment. I think the real problem is that the news media is putting the Khadr's on the radio and on television and putting the flood lights on them. It's only serving to intensify an already unnerved public that are unjustly equating Muslim with Bad. Shit like this went down in Germany a while ago... and look how many movies they've had to make about that!! It is not against the law to "think" about killing someone... or to imagine fucking a child... or contemplate freebasing cocaine... You gotta actually do something wrong to be in the wrong. Anything short of that... is just opening the door to 1984 and all the associated social destruction that goes along with that.

If they're legally Canadian... then they can be here and believe what they want. I don't agree with them... and I'll call them names (fuckers) and not really give a rats ass if they all fell under the wheels of a run away 18 wheeler... but that's me... private citizen talking... The Country... The Government ... is another thing all together. You have no right to police the mind of a citizen ... you never have and if we're all very lucky... you never will.
//ok... done.

now I have to get busy ... :D
Have a great day!!! the weather is supposed to pony up to the bar with a bag of sunshine soon... my fingers are crossed.