April 9th, 2004



Phew... well... I can tell right now that it's going to be a late night. :D

Haven't watched Survivor yet... that's next.

I have, however, made mods to my web site [ :: corto's playground :: ] (which, btw, needs a new name... )
I set the cam refresh to 10 seconds (from 15) and redid the little barometer bar for the counting...
And I made the remote cam and the main cam page java push updates and put a new page in with an good ol'meta "page refresh".

The issue there was that when Windows XP Pro got Service Pack one, it removed the JVM (or runtime or whatever it's called) from the operating system and put nothing there in it's place. That's called ass covering while they duked it out with Sun Microsystems over the code.
I don't know if this was a problem for XP Home Edition or if new versions with SP1 preloaded have this problem.
If it is a problem for your computer... (it would mean that many on-line game websites wouldn't work properly for ya) you should go to Sun (www.sun.com) and download the windows XP java client. (It's a kick in Bills teeth and it works great). Alternatively, you can get the MS Java Client from somewhere on microsofts site... (google it).

Any hooooo... all bedda now.

Please let me know if you run into any problems with the cam page or remote or whatever.
I love to get feedback, including critical, on the web site.
(note: the locks on the menu are for the stats and bandwidth monitoring pages and those are private for good reasons...)

:D See ya.

Fab Friday, April 9

Happy Fab Friday... a day that I dedicate to just embracing the notion of being a sloth!

The only snow in our world, lives between houses and beneath bushes...
Waiting for the creep of warmth to find the small tucked away spaces.
Pavement needs sweeping... sad grass needs scratching...
And if the sun stays out... I'm sure we can get to all that.
If not... well, there's eggs that need painting. :D

~ commando...
~ pj pants [ :: my most favourite comfy wake up clothes ever... :: ]
~ a big gap hoodie
~ and a smile... oh, and a coffee cup glued to my hand. :D
~ totally chill'en.
~ playing with the boys...
~ write about survivor after lunch... :D :D (it was a yell at the TV kinda show last night)
~ and plan for a family dinner here over the weekend.
~ oh...and we have several episodes of 24 on deck...
~ to send a wee "hey" out to ninneviane... :D :D
~ and push some good vibes out to a "beach house" destined kimberly27616 (lucky duck)
~ er... a wee bit of chill to find my friend lindalee_ so she can get some calm vibes for a fab friday...
~ for a little good news on the job front for Christine... occipitaldruid... !
~ for things to work out ... just right... for starlazdaze a very treasured and long time journal friend.
~ to send a little "hey" to my way far across the pond friend chicaboo25...
~ and some warm vibes out to my friend angry_amy... just 'cause.

pssst.. How 'bout them Senators... wohoo... :D hahahaha... I kill me... oh, speaking of kill... is Kill Bill out on Vid yet? Damn, I so wanna see that movie.

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"Look... there's a bunny!"

~ Edwards current method of escape...
translation: "look behind you... but wait till I say look... then I'll run away like mad... because, of course, you will look... 'cause I'm soooooo convincing!

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Egg's done... sun stayed out... but it's a wee bit COLD.
We had a big old fashioned family day, pictures later...
so now we're going to the Texas Chop House / Cajun Kitchen for dinner...

(sshhhh... and maybe "Ella Enchanted" for dessert. The boys would FREAK. :D)

We'll see...

(ps. still working on the Survivor update... prol'y won't be done till tonight. Family day versus that stuff... is a no contest thing... )

Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor VIII : The All Stars

Rupert’s Hard On

Wherein... a new tribe is named, Kathy cries, everybody holds their breath and Rupert fancies himself a ladies man. Oh, and while Boston Knob is sure playing the game... don't ya just hate that guy?

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Fab Friday.

Ok... today has been a really great day. :D

We had a general lazy play morning, but picked it up in the afternoon to have a family zone thing with the eggs.

Coffee mugs of dye...

oh, and that last one is actually my coffee... so no dunking eggs in that...

We all got into it... dying a "blown" egg and then drawing lines with wax and dying again...

This was my finished egg... :D


We cleaned up, and relaxed for a bit after this...
and then decided to go out to dinner... and surprise the kids with a trip to the movies.

Dinner was so-so, but Ella Enchanted was a grand movie to take the kids to. I enjoyed it completely... lot's of camp... (trivia, but Wesley - "my wesley will always come for me" - plays the evil villain)
We bought nothing... no popcorn, no drinks... (having just had dinner) and the movie kept them locked the whole way through.

Now it's time for a little 24 and then ... we'll see. :D