April 8th, 2004


Thursday... that wants to be a friday, April 8.

Yeah, so tomorrow is Super Friday ...
or something like that...
and then... an den...
we get Egg Monday.
So what I'm only just now realizing...
is I have a four day weekend percolating here.

I suppose, after 42 years I'd have a clue about this stuff... but up until March 31 I was expecting Easter to be in March... so what do I know.

Recently said to my boss: "hm? They're all bald. Once you reach a certain level here... you have to shave your head."
And looking around the org chart... there is no argument forthcoming.

Hey... a few of you have been catching my streaming cam at night...
I'm curious about that... from a purely "hows it working?" point of view.
I'm thinking I'm going to work on implimenting koolkam or webcamXp over chillcam soom...

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans... Captain Corporation here...
~ b.u.m. equipment dk blue shirt
~ very black but happily sporting a red stripe, sweater.
~ flip chart madness and sorting several hundred pages of a big honking bid into piles that I will personify and despise as the day wears on...
~ and nothing else... well, until I leave.
~ then it's all about Survivor or chilling out. :D (Maybe nail down another epi of 24, and, btw, to many things are working out in that show - so I'm stealing myself for something to wrong...)
~ oh, and I'm sure I'm going to check the hockey game a few times... lol... Leafs versus Sens ... in Toronto... bwahahaha... oh man. Hey, Tuckers a girl, a pre-pubescent, "Hello Kitty" sorta girl. :D
~ well, something about a boy and his horse... but those aren't dice I seem to be able to roll lately.
~ something about singing... poor inspector... but I'm not sure about the tune... :D
~ that ladymeg1 .. um, gets that phone dried out...
~ to send some good morning vibes out to jenny_rambles because... well... because ... just because... :D
~ a big welcome home to my very long time and remarkable friend sixtyten. (go go gamer girl)
~ that I can make a call to gilligans Island in a little bit... :D

My brain is all sparking and sizzling.. and that's not shizzo-drizzo some-wank-bizzo stupid talk ... I mean honest to goodness "sizzling"
I have to turn away and get busy... so that's what's up with me today. :)

Tomorrow... as a day off... HAD BETTER FREAKING BE SUNNY... I want to get up early and get downtown to take some pictures in morning light of the Art Gallery my mom runs with some other artists... "runs"?? well, she's on their board or something... and I'm trying to get a web page up for them and I need some photographs... something... anything ... hahaha...
Ok ok ... enough about me... wait... this my journal... ok, more about me... lol..

gah! gotta go.

see ya.
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