April 7th, 2004


Wednesday, April 7

Maybe there will be water that washes away the things that seem to build up on a life
And if we're very fortunate... it wont be tears.
Stop looking for answers and start making them
Kiss me quick... before the sting of salt fades from my cheek.

~ green ftls...
~ blue sox - I should be killed.
~ beige? p-z jeans...
~ dk very dk green button up dress shirt
~ tommy hill sweater... beige with a pale green tone...
~ apparently I'm going to be dragged into a bid team today... this could be a big drag... it's work, so I'm not bitchen... it just touches on my principles about bidding on contracts... you gotta walk the walk before you talk it brother...
~ just about finished the sales material...
~ on holding it together
~ have to be at a dentists office in ... 70 minutes...
~ possible new West Wing tonight... I haven't checked...
~ that The Traffic Darl'en... amyaustin would just forget the drapes... and maybe get a drum machine.
~ a heart full of wishes and love for my precious friend teasdale... I'm thinking about you sugar...
~ to do a little dance for teq and ... um... hope she... can fall forward if you know what I mean...
~ for some card action to get sorted for my friend canuckgirl
~ that yer little ones get better little miss aint2nuts
~ to shoot a hug or six out to mspish and hope she's got patience with the distance and the time... he'll be back...
~ to thank bigbull for a great reminder in his recent post... dude... dogs got it right... what's wrong with us?
~ and dawna... I wish you felt better sugar.

Music is like dopamine... blocking one part of a brain, and exciting another.
I love the way it can help you find your center...
That is as long as you smash any copy of "total eclipse of the heart" that may exist within several hundred miles of you.
I used to work in this restaurant, with a "night spot" bar attached to it... I was a cook in a white outfit, broiling steaks, making salads, nachos... you know.
And I can remember there was this period of time that a specific woman would come into the bar at happy hour (5-7), on her way home from work.
She'd sit and nurse a couple of drinks then leave. I think she was broken.
They (*the dj and the bartender) would wait about an hour... then put on "Total Eclipse Of The Heart".
She'd start crying and leave.
They got a kick out of it.
I know this sounds really cruel.
That's because it was.
Life's like that.


Dear President Bush;
Condoleeza will talk today, and we both know nothing of substance will be said.
Unfortunately, it hardly matters.
You are, once again, getting your way and everyone is looking West,
when they should be looking to the East.
Sometimes the line in the sand becomes a foot print, a series of foot prints... testemants to the people that walk past,
Carrying the boxes filled with yesterdays sons and daughters, and tomorrows tears.
There will come a "day after".
And when that day comes... you still wont be able to spell nuclear.
Yours truly;
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