April 2nd, 2004


Friday... wohooo... April 2

Hiya... :D geezus did I ever have a great sleep... :D :D :D a full 6 1/2 hours of bliss...

This has been a hard week... I really need to make this a great weekend. So three cheers for relaxing.

It's friday... can you do me a favour?
Take a moment and... VOTE for me.

If you click that button, you will go to a page at "cam-ville".
From there you will have to click a "confirm" button.
There is no evil pop up action here...

~ green ftls... (haha... had to check)
~ blue jeans [ :: and yeah, it's friday... and I am a remarkably strange person :: ]
~ Strong Bad (t-shirt)
~ denim shirt
~ stomper kicker shoes...
~ gah... tonnes...
~ I've got to finish the sales stuff...
~ boss man wants a new strange math radar graph in a report... there will be cursing...
~ write about survivor
~ start arranging a date night for tomorrow...
~ still need to get a bunch of web site stuff done ....
~ you clicked that vote icon up there...
~ a happy birthday to my little Eva... evangelinaarion... :D
~ that things go right for my friend occipitaldruid at the interview!!!
~ to point out that there is wisdom near by... go see inspectorjury to see what I mean.
~ I had more time to make some wishes... but I gotta steam-on out for a bit... work work work... (yeah, I know... stop laughing).

// mini rant.
Ok... work with me on this...
Lets say you buy a bag of Fudgeo cookies.
You have a nice dinner and your child asks for dessert...
So you offer him a cookie... and he says "Can I have two?"
"Sure" you say... "would you like some milk?" "yes please".
No problems...
Door bell rings... it's a friend and you invite them in to sit and have a coffee...
Your child shows up , says hi to your friend and asks for another cookie.
You excuse your self and go to the kitchen.
"Ok... you may have another cookie. But this is the last one... if you're still hungry I can get you an apple. After this cookie don't ask me for any more and go play while I talk to my friend. ok?"
Then you go out and sit with your friend again.
Ten minutes later... your child shows up and asks for another cookie.
You excuse yourself, and walk with your child to the kitchen.
You get the bag of cookies out of the cupboard.
You open the cupboard under the sink...
take out the garbage can.
and pour the cookies in the garbage.
And say "No. If you're hungry have an apple. There are no more cookies. Please go play for a few minutes while I talk to my friend"
You're not angry... but you are firm... and, btw, there was really gross stuff in the garbage... those cookies are freaking gone... grok?
Ok... how we do'en so far?
You gotta know this works.
The next time you tell your child that "this is the last cookie..." he is going to believe you brotha.


Whether its an Art Museum running over budget for the sixth time... or a gun registration program ... a social service or a military project.
You submit a proposal, gained support and were approved. You have a budget...
Sure you might have a special circumstance... but when you are back asking for freaking millions and millions more ...
At some freaking point you have to pour the cookies out, tell them to eat an apple and then - because their adults - tell them to get the fuck out of your office.
//rant off.

Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor 8: The All Stars!!

The Amba Show

Wherein...the best efforts of Dom Jeff to mix things up results in nothing more than putting a little distance between Rob and his main squeeze. It’s all about watching the Seeds of Lord Robs implosion germinate and a couple of excuses to give the kids some food. Next thing you know they’ll all get to go to McDonalds and attend a complimentary couples counseling session. Oh... and Amber gets screwed... no really. Bwaahahahaha...

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