March 28th, 2004


Sunday!! March 28

The sun is shining, the air is clear and fresh...
my windows will be open...
and yeah, it'll be a bit cold but tough!
It's officially a beautiful day! and I love it.

Yesterday... was, as per usual, very busy... however, it ended in a nice "date night" with Suz...
We went to see "Taking Lives". She found it a bit predictable, but good... and I loved it.
Movies can make me laugh... or cry... or be amazed... but I love a good fuck-with-your-head-story the most. :D

We tormented barista's and ate cake afterwards... although, it is starting to bug me that when ever I order a piece of cake somewhere I end up saying to myself "I would have made this better..." instead of getting good ideas from the flavours or presentation. Bottom line... good cake is hard to find.

Sleep came way to late... and I swear, the "Game Show Network" is like an endless line up of hairstyles that should never have been allowed by law. How the hell did North American civilization ever manage to procreate through the seventies ?

~ blue ftls
~ pj pants
~ old nautica rugby shirt
~ a grin!
~ to go back and snuggle z while the kids play...
~ taekwondo ...
~ 'rents house for dinner...
~ enjoying the fact that IT'S BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE...
~ that news organizations would stop with the "look, this person is maybe about to explode (or something) live video reports".... dipsmacks..
~ that ladyfire's head doesn't hurt tooooo much today. :)
~ I had more time to review... :) but I'll get to that later... :D

Time to go shower and get busy enjoying the day. :D


well it's going to be a "lost weekend" from a review of friends point of view.
The day is just too wrapped up from the crack of lids to the end to crawl back - paying anything close to attention - through all dem posts... :D

I heard a great quote from a Toronto DMX DJ yesterday, talking on the subject of the Brats and the Flava Barbie ... you know... the barbies and other little dolls that are dressed like street punks, ghetto ho's, hip hop junkies, and ghetto wannabe's.

"If they don't put enough of us in the mainstream products... we scream about underrepresentation... and when they do use us... it's black-sploit-ation."


and I'm just say'en... GI-Joe... is just a very well armed Barbie.

and yes... when I was little my bro and I had GI-Joe stuff... of course, it never occurred to me to setup a bunch of Barbies in a little bar scene to entertain the troops when they were on shore leave. But one look at the Flava Barbies... and you just know that GI-Joe is gonna get to make her walk funny.

Ok... I'll shut up now... :D




~ in an Eye Spy book... we find this picture;

(click that for a full image)
Well it appears that we are setting about a process to make something as much like this as we possibly can. I'll let you know how it goes... :D

~ I have honey roasted nuts... and the chances are that you don't. bzbzbzbpppffft.

~ when I want to respond to someones lj "poll"... I right click on the comment tag and "open in new window" so that submitting my poll answers doesn't force me to go back and reload my whole friends page. why you would want to know this... is not actually very clear. ;)

~ hmmmm

~ our local "city government" (I live in Kanata which is part of the Ottawa "amalgamated" city... (the capital city of Canada) and they (government) have just finished up a long, pathetic process of debating a new budget. Seems all the counsellors got themselves elected saying "no new taxes" and then found out the city budget was in the shitter... so they want a) raise taxes by 3 % or b) slash like mad at all the city supported services... I'm talking about 200 million worth of services.. It's such a big farking mess. Anyways... they settled on a 2.9% tax hike and cut a few mill in services. One of the items on their "Vote Agenda" was a proposal to cut city counsellor office budgets by 10%... this along with hacking big slashes to Police Services, Libraries, Fire Stations, etc. etc. etc... (and that's not even mentioning the impact of cuts on the local arts community). yeah, well they Voted DOWN the 10% cut for themselves and managed to raise my taxes and cut the hell out of the city services. fuckers...

~ I'm reading about "The Knights Templar"... a history of... on various dub-dub-dub locations... very interesting stuff.

~ A person speaks about their christian religion, and they talk about the involvement of their local church in the community, the sense of a social contact and mutual support, community spirit and a collective opinion on local current affairs. Another person launches directly into dire speech harkening back to the lords judgement and the word of God and the various rules, covenants and "right versus wrong" aspects of their faith and supports these words with talk of centuries old documentation and blind faith.
I can get behind the former... the latter? not so much.

~ my vcr and the tape of Alias that is in it... is calling to me...