March 26th, 2004


Friday... finally... March 26.

It's supposed to get up to 17 today (that's warm btw) but it's still a damp kinda cold out there ... and I have a shiver in my bones.

PD day... in George and Edwards school ... so I wake up... madly press buttons on the alarm clock... and move all cat like (lol) through the morning routine and scurry away after sneaking little kisses on the three little sleeping angles. Then it's out to the car and off to a friday.

It's a toss up, at moments like that... deciding between wishing I was wealthy... and thinking I already am.

~ green ftls...
~ blue jeans... and very happy about that...
~ oh [ :: the jeans? yeah... ok, whatever... lol! :: ]
~ p-z long sleeve shirt...
~ rather heavy sweater... but way comfy.
~ hey... I managed to get the code working to lunch an OLE encrusted PowerPoint Show from a control button in a spreasheet... (finally). (Note: this "presentation" updates like mad as it opens, so it has to be a PPT not a PPS).
~ so today I'll be back to writing content for boiler plate reports... kinda nasty stuff... but whatever... it's friday. :D
~ tonight? not a fucking clue. We'll see.
~ with all of my heart... wishing that my friend katie8471 gets to bring her little Maia home soon and that the little nugget is well...
~ to send out a small moment of warm hugg'en action to my long time friend elliriel just because it would be nice to pass this day with the warmth of friends supporting your spirit.
~ to congratulate allyn... He's a licensed Thai Masseuse... which I think means he rubs peanut butter on you... but I can't be sure..
~ to send massive and mad hugs around the planet to notcharming... just 'cause.
~ that a displaced Philly Bit... er... chrissmari... does not get knocked unconscious on the street today... for really good reasons...
~ for a little sunshine to find it's way to my friend lil_sass and her family. I do hope you're mom finds some peace in her heart sweet Aly girl.
~ and a big screaming shout out ... to "the girl that looks up" and a sweet bowl of sugar... nebil ... have a great Friday sugar.

Yeah... so I want a Russell Hobbs coffee maker... mk? Let me know if you need my address... :) hahahaha...

Do you know aint2nuts? You should go and find her journal and say hi. ... just 'cause.

Have a great friday muchachos y muchachas...

ps. This song is a wicked guilty pleasure.... so many memories. She's one hell of an energetic performer.
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Ok... taxes ... done!

Tax software!!! Best $34 investment in the verse*.

* note: using terminology from your fav sci-fi tv show is just so horribly over the top geeky that I can hardly stand myself.
Fortunately, for all of us, I don't own a star trek uniform.
("verse" - universe, as in FireFly)