March 25th, 2004




~ issues of privacy, morality, and fairness are best served by looking to our own selves...
and how we behave, long before we look to others, telling them how to behave.

~ sounds to me like Georgia has decided to paint a giant bulls-eye on their state. [ :: oh really! :: ] Does the new law about genital piercing apply to boys? Because then you'd have to wonder about their use of the words "genital mutilation" in the new law. This, then, draws one to consider the circumcision... let alone "the bris" and the careful hand of your average Georgian Mohel. ... or did the law only apply to women... hahahahaha.. oh man...

~ but wait there's more... Oregon decided to ban marriage all together. [ :: no really :: ] pending a state decision on who can and cannot wed.

~ it's not just youth that is wasted on the young'ens... it's those bodies too...

~ I really enjoyed West Wing tonight... great episode... and the "She's getting off... ... the phone" line was priceless.

~ ... geez... I should be in bed. :D

ni ni..

Thursday... March 25

It's raining. No really... it's raining like mad... I'm driving to work listening to a talk radio thing about kill'en chickens out west to stop the chickens from dying... (no really) and I see a little Yellow Miata kinda stuck in slow traffic between a couple of other vehicles ... kinda like that Jack Russel terrier in the Far Side cartoon wedged in the big ladies but cheeks... I pass this poor little and very cute car and drive on... Then... an den... I look in my RV mirror and see it's yellow'ness coming through the rain.... and it bang-zooms past me ... ... dude it was like a little yellow suppository going squink. Nice looking car.

~ red ftls... :D
~ beige dockers
~ off white, kinda beige T-shirt
~ big comfy newish sweater...
~ shit kicker shoes...
~ same shit ... different day...
~ still trying to shove VB code up Excels ass and make it have a PowerPoint baby...
~ write a little something at lunch... because ... because I can... so there... :D
~ to send out monster props to burntflowers on the Job win... go go juice girl... congratulations Tara...
~ but not a real green dress, that's cruel...
~ that I could just shoot some mad props out to ladyfire on the results of taking care of herself... you do look great sugar (I'm kinda giggling at the sister thing... :D)
~ for good news about maiden_heaven's mom and that everything turns out to be alright... !!
~ that mrs sugar-t (tonya finds all the mat clothes she wants... (crosses fingers for ya).
~ some more mad props to galebird on the new job !!! :D :D :D
~ and some hopes for starlazdaze to get good job news herself. !!

I read some stuff yesterday in journal land that left me thinking...
//rant on
First of all... while I can appreciate that it's fun to write rules and deride the way other people write... I mean, have yer fun... but it kinda puts a pin in my ass when I realize that so many people treat the land of blogs and journals... (especially when it happens in this community - and make no mistake ... this is a community... there is a "we" here) like it's some kind of rules based process existing for their entertainment. There is not right way to journal... you can post song lyrics if you want... you can post six hundred pages of IM conversations if that makes you wet... and you can spend several hours ranting about the sexual habits of your professor or a local politician... you can post 1024x768 pictures of your cats ass all day long and you embed midi files in every post.... It's your journal... do whatever the fuck you want... and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I repeat... IT'S YOUR JOURNAL. If, for example, I didn't like the way your journal... I wont read it... But I would never presume to tell you that you do it wrong. There is no wrong baybeee ... Fill your boots and enjoy yourself. Shove your rules.

Phew... that felt good...
Ok... one more;

I don't remember where... but on someones journal I found a link to another journal talking about how people put on a better face in their journal than they have in Real Life. They even, gasp, talk about themselves in glowing terms and only post the good looking pictures, or silly pictures of themselves... but never the ugly ones. What in gods fucking green earth are you talking about ... holy crap!! Unless you have had your head stuck in a hole for your entire life... you should know that people do that in real life all the frigging time... and you say it like it's a bad thing? "Oh by the way everybody, I've found some really ugly pictures of myself... here... and I've decided to shun the good looking clothes I bought last fall in favour of wearing some rags I stole from an old lady I beat up last weekend... because I'm really a nose picking thug wearing yesterdays underpants." Ok OK... sorry... I'm just insensed... The thing is that it goes in cycles... attitudes and judgements become skewed with aggression as if there is some special standard to which we are being held and measured against. Then it gets really wingy with people warning each other about the wiley ways of the journalers and blogers (are those the same thing?) who don't make the grade as set out by these supposed standards. The degree to which you put yourself on display is totally up to you. Clearly there is a problem when someone is motivated to be hurtful in their deceptions but by and large it's a rather rare thing to find malice in the ways people journal. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have built the friendships... the relationships... that I have here and in other ways on the net. I'm not so naive to think that I know anyone just by reading their journal but I will know what I know and be fine with that. Dude! I meet people every day in real life that I just know I'm never going to see the real face of because they are such enormous fakes and phonies... and that's in real life. In many many many cases I know more about a net friend than a real world friend... and usually it's because I've elected to go past the journal and find the person.

Do your own thing man... and don't let anyone push you around. You take enough shit from other parts of life... Be whatever you want here...

Ok... all done. Thanks.
//rant off
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More March Madness... aka The Month of Many Birthdays... :D

Happy Birthday Leah... (alachicky) I hope you have as wonderful a year as it seems you're having today... :D Birthdays are great reasons to open your eyes to the love around you. :D Have a great birthday sugar.

Happy Birthday Crystal!! (gottabecrazy)... although I'm guessing you are way to busy living your life to see this... I do hope you have a wonderful year and celebrate the day with good friends.

and Happy Birthday her_whispers. You have been such a good friend... I sincerily hope you have a smashing day and enjoy a grand year ahead... Oh, and I hope you get to learn italian. :)

Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor 8: The All Stars!!

The Bullshit Filler Episode

Wherein... nothing actually happens... Oh sure... we get to know that the Colbinator managed to get some seriously chaffed testicles and thighs in the first week... or that absolutely nobody can understand a word Ol’Tom says ... even when he’s sober. However, the mid season break / recap show remains a frustratingly un-fun moment in a Survivor Season.

The kids in Camp M&M managed to brew and get a good buzz from some coffee beans... but they didn’t say where the beans came from, and watching Rob try to make a Boston Cream Pie with Amba and Jenna is just a wee bit much.

~ getting to see Jerri cry again,
~ watching Suzy-Insanity-Hawk spiral into her own little nightmare and blow spittle gobs at Jeff,
~ a few fabulous stock images of the moon
~ and the kids at Chapera doing a mock Magic Tree House meeting imitating the Saboga tribe... complete with "Amba" stuffing her shirt to be Tina and Rob-The-Hand doing a pretty good version of Mistress Jeff The Survivor Dom.

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