March 24th, 2004


Wednesday, March 24

Well ... last night was a stitch... I mean... with teeth popping out... Ed doing his thing... stories... paint ball wars in I dunno... I just had a good-for-my-head night. :D

I had gone to bed when Z came in reminding me that we hadn't done the Tooth Fairy thing...
So we blasted around the house searching for loonies and toonies (1 and 2 dollar coins).
Get this... and not a word of a lie... but at his own decision... totally not influenced by us in any way... George has always split his Tooth Fairy loot 50/50 with his little brother... always. It's precious actually... big. So we put in denominations of coins that are easily separated into two piles... :D It was a rough go of losing those teeth ... so he got $2.25 per tooth... other teeth have grossed $1.50 per ... but keep in mind that he splits that ... and making change is a pain. He's such a good little guy... :D :D :D :D

The sun is shining... and the weather man is calling for Rain tonight... so that crack ho bitch has at least pulled her skanky ass off the ice-cube maker. I hope she gets into re-hab soon... I want a door into summer.

~ grey ftls
~ beige p-z jeans...
~ black T and a denim shirt... comfy clothes day! :D
~ finish a few documents... including a big honking PPT show thing...
~ start reviewing like mad for a contract they are gonna send me out on... like... next week? or the week after... gasp.
~ madly taping television shows tonight...
~ because... west wing is new tonight... and SURVIVOR IS ON TONIGHT...
~ a big giant welcome to Maia. Maia is katie8471's little baby girl ... she was born late yesterday afternoon... she's a few oz's under 7 and everybody is healthy. (Yeah!!!!)
~ for angry_amy to get better... (razor wire throat.... ouch)
~ to send some screams of laughter out to a boy named Joe... that would be auntyadele's husband... HAHAHA... I'm dying here...
~ for good health to find the wee family of my PEI friend auven (damn flu season!)
~ um... sneetches don't change that number... theres more down side than up... and you're little honey is growing up... mommy is the example for everything... :)
~ that poor poor little southern buttercup tiarafetish gets her car issues sorted... and I have to say "all burned up" has me giggling...
~ my deepest sympathies out to cockermom on the passing of her mom... may she rest in peace sugar... and may your family find strength in the memories of a life well lived.

Last night... I was playen around in "" and I randomly ran into this girl... she had a cool outfit on and had just materialized... directly in front of me... (she had logged in) so we started chatting..... an den... her freaking twin materializes right beside her... Now... note that we were on top of an extremely remote location so seeing any one up there was bizzar... let alone twin cups of sugar... I started laughing and we got on for a bit... Then set about the game... The game was a massive paint ball game going on a few hundred feet below where we were standing (it's hard to explain but I'll snag screen shots tonight... 'cause it's fun).
Ok... this is going somewhere... bear with me. :D
After the battle (I joined them shooting from a hover boat) we took off to go take pot shots at some romantics sitting in these little hot tub deals on the other side of the mountain. While were there... I decide to check out the girls profiles... one is from northern cali and the other is from Japan. I pop back from profile-check'en land and make an overture about how cool that is... JAPAN... Her friend... the northern cali girl immediately pops up with "You don't have the fever do you?" ... and I was processing like mad... trying to figure what this could mean... I had a suspicion that she was asking if I was about to get weird on them... I answered with a "Not me Little Bean" while processing... then she comes back with "Phew... Yellow Fever is everywhere these days..." And it hits me... now maybe this is a common expression ... but I'd never heard it before... and boyo did I laugh my ass off... To show my mirth... I had my avatar hopping up and down laughing like mad... I assured her that my yellow fever was er.. under control...
It's not lost on me that northern cali girl was the one that asked... I suppose she's getting sick of people focusing on her friends global positioning coordinates... :D

So I ask you... have people been referring to a desire for Asian partners as Yellow Fever for ever and hence, I am sheltered?
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reboots ... all by itls lonesome... and fucking kills hours of work... Where is the "auto recovery" feature? Oh it's a MICROSNOT product... FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ... FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Birthday Ketchup

Busy day out there in the land of lj birthday babies...

Happy Birthday byron!! As "Texas" as they come bro! :D and yer only turning 30? yikes boyo... yer only just getting started... Have a wonderful year my friend and I wish you all the very best as this year becomes a memory.

And my friend gerber1701... Yo! Capt'n Kirk? where are you buddy? Happy Birthday.

Dearest Amy... my long long time friend... Happy Birthday paperdoil May you find great happiness in this next year... and enjoy all the little moments you can. You are a treasured friend and damn girl... you have beautiful lips! :D

Happy Birthday sweet kumi You have been a great find for me and my cruise of the world. I do very much hope that the future holds a place for our friendship and that you have a wonderful year. May you and your family enjoy great health and very good fortune... (and I hope you have a dazzling birthday sugar-k).
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