March 22nd, 2004


Monday, March 22nd ... Dear Mother Nature... die you crack head.

geezus... I look like I should have a forehead tattoo... there's space there for some "fark" like additions... :D

Up early... well, early for me... managed to get Geo fed, lunched, and on a bus without any hassles. :D... this makes me feel like mr. accomplishment.
Meanwhile... the girl with the cold... is seriously in need of her sleep and getting better.

I want to pick up fish tonight... and have us a little Nemo Dinner.

Just a small global village moment here... but lets all take a look, over the next few days, at how that Bush Brokered Road To Peace is going in the Middle East. Seems a wee bit paved-with-blood if you ask me. Yeah... more american tax dollars hard at work... At least when the Canadian Political System chucks my money out the window... everybody gets to point and make faces calling people criminals and assholes.

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers..
~ nice warm white cotton t
~ deep maroon dress shirt and a rather boring tie... no teddies... no mickey... just dk blue with little maroon thingies... and you know that silk thing they do that shows a pattern only when you turn it the light just so? yeah... that...
~ pounding away at the powerpoint thing...
~ doing a pizza lunch presentation to a bunch of co-workers and some suits from downtown...
~ watching Alias and Firefly tonight... never got near Alias last night... although Z watched matchstick men... she tells me it was good.
~ for quite a few things... all of them require time machines and magic wands... so ... I guess it's a "fuck that" moment...
~ I had video (with sound) of Marianne giving the word to her upstairs neigh-booooor. :)
~ someone would explain what "The L Word" is... as in ... what is the "L" word in question and what is the (I'm guessing it's a show) show is about...
~ to send a few hormonal vibes over to queenee ... and may her wishes come true.
~ a little High Five to nagylover ... smile sugar.
~ the very best of the best for my fav relief teacher... the one with the bull whip... :D er.. ok not yet... but still ... go you bondas.
~ that I never ever have a dream (vivid or otherwise) about the Nik (wolfiegirl) in a threesome with Donny Osmond and Captain Kirk.

Special Note: We (that's the big collective yo) need to design a phrase book that should accompany all software that costs more than 65$. It could be like a quotable-quotes type thing. It would be broken into sections like "installation" (aw fuck, just shut yer gob and install you wretched cunt), others for the black magic otherwise known as "configuration - customization" (what fucking language are you speaking you freaking morons?)... and a very special section for "Patching". (Patches?we don't need no stinking patches *BANG BANG BANG BANG*) hmm... you know... there's a salmon of an idea (doubt) in there...

Ok ok ok... fine... :D

Have a great Monday... such as it is. :D
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come home... pc is shut down...
automatic process recognized a failing system fan and shut it down.

Fan replaced (note: toasted power supplies have great fans in them).

phew. :D