March 21st, 2004


Sunday! March 21

Good morning... :D Spring is here... and with it... TONES OF FREAKING SNOW... (shit!)

Hey... a horse tossed and kicked paris Hilton... Smart horse huh. :D

~ the wake up clothes... pj pants and a hoodie
~ well i have been happily scroll scrolling away on you guys...
~ but I just realized it's a special tkd day... from 12:00 to 12:45 for all belts...
~ and I'm taking the neighbors kids today ...
~ so I have to zooooooooooooooom through a shower and get read asap!
~ much to do today...
~ I could just chill... but alas... earwax.
~ for some peace in the world of my far far away lj friend reeris and many hopes for her grandma
~ and some good vibes for my friend saxton

Juliana died... a sad thing... the "former dutch monarch". She stayed Ottawa, during the war years (second world war). She had her daughter (Margriet) here ... and Beatrix (daughter) went on to be queen. They (Holland) have shipped us 20,000 tulip bulbs every year since in thanks for the care we took of their royals... We actually made a delivery room in the Hospital a part of Netherlands so Margriet (princess) could be born a dutch citizen. (cool huh). :D

just say "NO" to bmp!


blocks... easily the most durable, versatile, and top ranked "creative" toys in the universe.


Long day.
~ four kids (well, five if you listen to popular opinion when it comes to what's wrong with me... :D) to Taekwondo,
~ an afternoon of defrosting a freezer,
~ managing a gang of kids playing around the house and outside,
~ cleaning bathrooms
~ and making dinner.

We watched Holes tonight... the four of us... it was nice. :D Good movie.

Now? Kids are asleep... and I'm about to make fresh coffee and cue up the Alias tape. :D

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an den?
... an den?

alias will have to wait...

oh, I watched Office Space again last night... dude playen the neighbor... in Drew Carey Show... *laughs*

um... I have sticky buns... and you can stop right there...
snack time... started as snake time... but I caught it.

random ~ you know those hand soap dispensers that foam the soap on the way out... love those.
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