March 17th, 2004


Wednesday... March 17

So listen...
Do I have anything stuck in my teeth?

[ :: and 'cause there's always a good reason to share a smile.... here ya go :: ]

Last night... rather late... I was playing at Now dig this... no really... imagine; lets you control a real time animated avatar... you have third person views etc and you interact with a complex terrain. I was wearing a "jet pack" (lets you sorta hover and fly about) and holding a paint ball gun along with a varying number of other guys and dolls also jet packing and paintballing... like between 5 - 10 others ... depending... and we're at this kinda bizzare out-door location with plenty of large structures... blasting the hell out of one another. A direct paintball hit, if you're "hovering" will send you flying like 50 yards with the force of the blow.. you have to understand... this was remarkably fun!! :D

Hot Dogs: Just a note, but my older boy (George is 8) has never ever ever ever let a hot dog into his temple... hahaha... it started as a "food texture" issue... but ended up as an obstinence thing... even though his little brother loves them... Well Geo had - and totally loved - his first hot dog last weekend (inspired by a cousin that had one). This is wonderful news... specifically because of implications towards a "quick lunch" ... weeeeee....

~ well... broccoli of course... AND THAT'S GREEN BABY... :D
~ black ftls
~ black jeans
~ dk blue b.u.m. equip t with a big warm cream turtleneck...(and it has dk blue trims so get yer fashion police hats off)
~ service packing the hell out of MS Office on my little corp laptop... which, I just noticed, has never been service packed... lovely!
~ hot dogs for lunch... (and I love hot dogs)
~ on having a great evening... come hell or high water... tonight there will be smiling corto moments.
~ to go the fuck to bed before 2:00 am. friggen kill me man... this has got to stop. :D
~ that my long time friend jobunches finds a peaceful moment. (!!)
~ that my friend ladyfire takes her time...
~ that I had _jamielynne_'s car... it doesn't need to be any more complicated than that... NICE freaking car ... wowzers. now gimmi. I'll trade ya...
~ and that my secret crush... sneetches finds a peaceful moment. (!!)
~ for feedback on the Ultrasound visit that my forever lj friend tonya is having today... good luck sugar... :D :D :D :D :D
~ REMEMBER Survivor is on tonight... not tomorrow night.

America is spending 4 billion dollars per month ... or over $150,000 per minute on the war (er...excuse me... the non-wa) in Iraq. Cool eh... keep that in mind when you pay yer taxes and when you see some young mom lamenting her access to decent medical attention for her baby.... or whatever.

And don't forget to get a few coins into the local Irish Charities today... it being A Green Day... because those coins are really needed back home in Ireland to buy some more C4. Irish freaks... (and my family lineage starts out in Belfast... so bite me... if you're Irish... don't waist any time being all put off by this... I'm just sick of the "Troubles" being an excuse for systemic hate mongering in Ireland.)

And um... you all couldn't have posted more since last night at 11:00 if ya tried... wholly crap... (me, trying, and failing, to catch up... :D :D)

Ok... I gotta go pick my teeth.
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ok... fuck it... it's not fair.

A brief respite from pain durring the mid-of-the-day... but now... another advil 200 mil gell cap and I'm in serious head-bonking ouchi.

It's like all the muscles in my shoulders and neck have been shrunk by an evil martian shrink-ray... leaving everything connected to them the same size.

Now their straining to hold it all together and complaining about it like mad... I keep having to un-hunch my shoulders.

And, of course, there is the concurrent pulsing throb thing in my temples to complete the package.


and in a few... I get to join the crowds driving into the sunset for the cross town commute.

damn shrink-rays... damned martians.... this is prol'y pay back for NASA sending all their stupid robots up there... down there?

[ :: yesterday... eod* :: ]

* eod. endofday.
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Happy Birthday!
~ and on the same actual day as yer birthday no less... (go me! haha)

Happy Birthday Dear Leah.... fireflieslie ... I will simply forever appreciate that you have let me share in these formative years in your life and I hope that you make wonderful personal discoveries... and squeeze real happiness out of this next year...

And my little phinnia... Happy Birthday... You have been a wonderful friend and have always given me so much care... I can only scratch the surface of pay-back with great wishes for your happiness in the year ahead.

Have a grand birthday ladies... and I look forward to holding onto the tiny threads of our connectedness. :D

(hmmm "connectedness"... sounds like a made up word... (runs to Nope... that be a noun... cool beans.)