March 14th, 2004


Sunday! March 14

Yesterday? Hair cut, groceries, dinner at ex-SIL's, and that's it. Oh... well, some clean up but... that's it.

I sit here right now with more sleep under my belt over the last 24 hours than I've had in any 24 hour period in the last several years... save for times of dramatically poor health. Yesterday started bright and early with active kiddies and making waffles... but when I went to snuggle my sleeping Z... I fell back to sleep from like 9:30 to 11:30... (and them kiddies just played away... - great ages right now... becoming exceptionally self-directed). I went to my moms for a hair cut... (notice big ear boy in picture above) and then grocery shopping.
Home from that to get out again with the family to my brothers ex wifes house for a nephews dinner... family affair... and the ex-SIL is still, happily, very much a part of our family... (watching her chit chat with my brothers wife... well, almost wife, is a clear indication that we are all pod people in this family). We had a lovely [ :: dinner :: ] and managed to have heated arguements about hockey... my favorite final diagnosis is that while Hockey will endure all things... the NHL may just die a well deserved death at the hands of insane coaches, money grubbing unions, owners and administration from hell, and some players that just don't seem to get "it".
Home from that saw us get the boys to bed and then... and then we passed out cold... dressed and expecting to enjoy the pot of coffee that was brewing. Woke up at 4:00 to sort out actual bed clothes and passed out again till 8:30. I've been up, and bouncy, since then.

~ pj pants
~ black hoodie
~ much less hair
~ a smile...
~ well ... shower is big part of the next little bit... :D
~ Taekwando sunday shuffle... (spend most of the afternoon sorting through that with the kids, Z and I)
~ Alias again today... (new!!)
~ looking at a friends "portfolio" of photographs... first glace... WOW!
~ birthday dinner thing for a nephew...
~ that all is well with my friend kimberly27616 :D
~ that krzy's interview went well!
~ for a speedy recover for my dear friend auntyadele... and don't forget those pain meds!
~ that tiarafetish is a wee bit more careful with the sunblock... burns can ruin a good time! :)
~ geezux... wow and congrats to redfenix. Hard work pays off eh sugar.
~ that all the joy and happiness in the universe spins into the world of a wonderful young woman who is stepping off the cliff... onto an invisable walk way across the greatest expanse in life. May your journey with love be a remarkable story.... dear kitiara.
~ and I just wanted to say hi to my friend I mean nbbmom... ar ar ar ar...

Ok... 200 posts back and I'm crosseyed...

i gotta get Edward to TKD.

Loads to talk about but it's gonna have to wait a bit... See ya soon. :D

... the deceivers

Too bad that you had to get caught
That's not like you to lose face
So sad that you're not as smart
As you thought you were in the first place

Yeah, Doug And The Slugs really nail that sentiment home (song title "Too Bad")

I send that message out to the fakers...
but, personally, I couldn't care less.

I wear my real world on the sleeves of my journal and that's a choice I make.

by the same token,
I have several friends who I know exaggerate their fates in their journals...
because that's how they deal.
And I applaud them.

Others take on entirely new personalities, sexual or extroverted or whatever, and they do that for reasons unknown but not, I believe, in any effort to annoy or hurt anyone... and I say power to them. If I am fortunate enough to get to know the real you... then it is to my great pleasure... if not... then... whatever.

I can well imagine that there are people with life situations that demand they do not reveal their true selves... I cannot judge what I do not understand ... but my first reactions are pretty much "pity".

I was taken in to someones mania a couple of years ago and it was a thing of great drama. There was effort... great determined effort to deceive and hurt... and a grand crew of LJ CSI type's got to the bottom of that mess... and a mess it was. At the end of that... all I felt was deceived... but not bitter.

The big downer is how we become jaded and less likely to bring great sympathy to where it may very well be needed...
Such is life.

So sad that you're not as smart
As you thought you were in the first place

Yeah... sometimes that last line applies to the deceived... as much as it may to the deceivers.