March 13th, 2004



okidoki... writing s-8, sleeping children, and a cute girl playing beside me.. (z!) ... is clearly helping my somber attitude.

Now it's time to play at for a bit... er... well, maybe some fresh coffee too.

Lj is many things... but first (for me, at least) it's a place to exercise my ancient brain... shake loose the cob webs... and clear out the mental clutter that life leaves behind. Getting creative... and loving my contact with you guys... is icing on the cake. I honestly don't know how people who can't find a way to open their heads and hearts to expression make it through life without exploding.

any ways...

A life can be lived ... or it can be lived with good friends.
The former is a default... the latter a precious gift.

I will never stop appreciating how fortunate I am.

Enjoy your weekend.
and see ya on Sunday. :)

ps. that icon somehow makes me look asian... not sure what it is...

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and (sorry... I'm post happy today)...

Has anyone seen "The Butterfly Effect"?

I've heard some good things... but is the story line ... the "time travel" story line played out well? Is it a time travel thing or did they just play that up in the commercials?