March 12th, 2004


Friday (finally) March 12.

you know... I'm still mad for Garbage (the band). :D

I really need to clean my desk area at work. Of course, that could my masterful procrastination genes kicking in...

You know that whole google-your-lj-name-for-images thing... dig this one... go and google-image-search my friend cherripop212's name... just do it.

(datalikemoment) Inquiry: Is there some LJ covenant that I don't know about that prevents all but the sema dude from posting an actual link to the source for the sema download? I have the link... but I always wonder why I forever see people talking about how great the sema client is... but never posting links to it... I always have to go a'searching.

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: and yeah, it's friday and I'm a creature of habit :: ]
~ black strong bad shirt
~ blue denim shirt
~ begin the final (but potentially lengthy) chapter on the Project... I've got 95% of the geek done and maybe 75% of the word smith part over with...
~ go to a lunch thing with some friends from my old office...
~ write about survivor
~ do a presentation later this 'saft about the project... :D
~ tonight? no idea... need to find a good vibe to work with.
~ FACK!!! I just realized I forgot my camera... and I wanted it big time for the lunch thing... CRAP!
~ that all the peeps in Manchester can contain their excitement about ... you know... nothing.
~ to point out to sedona_red that totally bald is way easy to cope with... :D
~ that lizvang can escape the bondage of her nose-bandaid, but geez... does she ever look cute... :)
~ to send some lj love'en across the great oceans and have it find my friend movingforward
~ and that I hope flightyone gets to keep the 9%
~ for some better health to find sweet-kumi-kumi-snacks (er... that's kumi)
~ to do some clapping for the beautiful name that found sirenity for her pending wee bitty girl... Sophia Marie... and I hope she doesn't have a penix. :D
~ some good karma over to sweet-n-squeezy vespertine_x
~ and so "just because" lj love'en to my favourite editor... :D willedit

There are times when you need to make changes... or take steps... that you know are self improving.
Time to go down pathways that lead to a better universe.
Of course, to get there, you have to go away from somewhere else...
and if it makes the road more easily traveled...
sometimes you have to give the road behind you an ugly pill.
That's gotta be ok, because we have to take care of ourselves first.
Only then can we really take care of anyone else, let alone find happiness.
But it has to be hard ...
you know it is...
to be on the other side of that,
to be the road once traveled and have to watch a part of the world walking away.

You live.
You learn.
What you do with that defines who you will be.
And you cannot escape the mirror of your dreams.
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feed the boys!

um... one chicken breast... a fry pan... loads of heat... some seasoning from a packet of Taco spice... various others... water... cheese, salsa, sour cream... and fresh flat breat wraps... It's instant fajhita (sp?) night for the boys... (I'm still cruising on lunch... *belch*... ewwwww...)

Mood? working on the Survivor Update helps...

not sure whats up ... but I have my suspicions...

Maybe I'll try and write about them... maybe I already did.

Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor VIII : The All Stars

State Champion My Ass!

Wherein... the real game gets under way. Jerri gets to listen to the girls call her a bitch, Colby and Lex actually play Survivor and Boston Bone Head makes a pig and a fool of himself. So basically an average day.

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