March 10th, 2004


Wednesday, March 10. :D

So there's this radio station in Potsdam, NY ( ... and they are committed to competing in the Ottawa market. Ottawa is a two pony town lately with The Bear106.9 and Chez106... now that XFM is dead... (remarkably sad that). Anyways... two things... The Fox is fucking fabulous... great music... too bad their signal strength seems like it's coming from a hand crank generator... PLEASE GET A FUELED GENERATOR DUDES... And... Last week... they paid to have a small engine single prop plane fly around over Ottawa at rush hour with a banner trailing behind it... "GO LEAFS GO... CHEZ106" Oh my god... that is hilarious. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet.... hahahahahaha...

k... dude sitting behind me just referred to FireFly as "some cheap import...." so I shot him.

~ blue ftls
~ charcoal dress pants... ?? wtf? suit pants... dress pants... can't get my knuckles around saying "dress pants" without smirking.
~ dark blue patterned golf shirt... kinda silky...
~ charcoal thin sweater... er... ok, it's gray... shuddup. :D
~ I am 10 minutes away from finishing the cell linking in Excel... so I'll be doing the OLE stuff with the charts soon. It's hellish ... but unbelievably cool...
~ have some coffee with my future this afternoon... I hope.
~ to tap the palm rest on my ergo-natural-keyboard to the music blaring in my headphones until the evil one (guy I shot) comes to complain. :D
~ West Wing and Enterprise tonight... don't know if either are new... but I'll check. :D
~ for sweet relief to find my friend no1topaz... and if it takes a while... well, I promise to hang in with you sugar.
~ to point out that tonya is simply adorable...
~ that ectv... the MSP (mommy shan pea) enjoys her new toy
~ I could get the phrase "Ho MIX" out of my head... :D hahahaha... (thanks missilv)
~ that my island girl... little miss sirenity would talk about her pregnant as much as she wants... shows pictures and knows that I will enjoy every word! :D
~ to thank wolfiegirl for the irish potato candy recipe... we will try that this weekend. :D

Do you think Martha Stewart will be hosting an episode of "This Small Space" soon?
(personally, I think it's a travesty and a failure of justice to make examples of celebrities like this... Rapists, killers and car thieves are getting off scott free or with slaps on the wrists... let alone monster money criminals on wall street are getting away with pure terror... yet the freak-with-the-potato-stamp is going to get what? Jail time?... whatever...)

The Bertuzzi thing... I want to feel bad for Moore... but you know... you play with fire.. you get burned. It's hockey... the most ridiculous and ridiculously violent team sport in the universe. I'm surprised more players don't actually die on the ice. The Hammer (past hockey great) commented that Moore should have faced his issues and had it out with the enforcers when the game got under way... dropped his gloves and had a good old fashion fist fight... but instead he refused to fight ... so Bertuzzi sucker punches him in the head ... and now the guy's gonna be fucked for life. Okay... yeah... right... whatever ... you big big freak. Bertuzzi should go to jail and never play again. Period. Hockey cannot police itself and regardless of the sports history with violence, there is no excuse for carrying that history like a banner advertisement. I am torn between feeling as though this is just part of the big "Natural Selection" process... you know... let them kill themselves off... they're overpaid hockey brats ... suffer, and the converse opinion that an act of such extreme violence should be punished to the full extent of the law.
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Morality is a game best played inside ones own head.
Stepping into the arena as a horseman of the rightious ...
only serves to highlite the notion;
he among us that is without sin, cast the first stone.

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A little Birthday Ketchup


A day late, or three hundred and sixty four days early!! :D

Happy Birthday out to joggingguy
I know you are not much in attendance in these parts of late, so I'm gonna guess that this means you're busy living life instead of talking about it... and I do hope that you and your family have a wonderful year ahead. To your very good health my friend. :D

And to Ward!! wbahner, who will always register in my brain as Web Hammer... Happy Birthday... May you find your life painted with the brightest colours of friendship possible bro... I hope you have a great year ahead and I look forward to holding the thin strings of contact that i have the good fortune to have found with you.

Relatively on-time!! (wohoo! :D)

Happy Birthday Kyssie... kysrinaria. You are a rare and precious soul in the world today and I hope the fights that have left their chalk marks in your world stay away... and let you live the life you have earned. May this be a year free from the burden of what lurks within and be filled with the moments of happy memories in the making.

And Happy Birthday to you too Lisa... moxafoot!! Here's to massages, long standing friendships, and dreams of days yet to be held as cherished memories. :D