March 9th, 2004




~ [ :: this is a scream :: ] (mac users will either split their gut or spend the whole thing saying... "oh yeah but...")
(this link... and the inherent laughs, courtesy of a post by weswilson)

~ I put a new [ :: cam gallery :: ] up (2-5... #5 second row... flashing "new" arrow! lol)

~ FireFly was grand... that show always seems to satisfy a need. :D

~ and it's time for bed... :D

ni ni.

Tuesday... March 9

Hola... man is it ever sunny out. Cold, but very sunny.
After days and days of rain and then snow...
I wake up to the sun tearing through the universe like a frozen explosion.
Works for me... beats the living crap out of the snow falling ... :D

We... ha! "I" cracked lids at 8:12 am. Radio blaring... everybody sound asleep... blink blink... gasp.
Geo and I were out of the house at 8:45. Evil way to start yer day... but at least there was sunshine.

Just a quick note to the guy in the Expedition dropping off his kid at the school today...
I have to say... it's clearly my fault...
My having arrived at the school ahead of you to drop off my son,
gave me ample opportunity to ram my car into some of the teachers cars
to make room for the possibility that someone driving a gas chugging, unsafe,
road hazard, of a polluting monster would be needing to get past in order to get back to ...
what? saving the universe or something I'm sure.
You had every good reason to shake that butter-fat fed sausage finger of yours at me
when I came back from signing my child into the school to move my car from the drop-off zone.
I just don't know what I was thinking... I could certainly have, like you, just dumped my kid
on the curb and not followed the rules to sign him in and been available to clear a path for your beast.

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ black t hiding under a big beige (!blue stripe! :D) turtleneck...
~ to setup a test system for hitting some ITIL package installed in our Montreal office... setup here... hitting the app there...
~ more (much more) mind numbing excel cell linking... gah...
~ tonight? nadda... no plans... hahaha... like that matters...
~ to go to bed at 12:30 tonight... no really... stop laughing...
~ um... just say'en... Birdie Num Nums out to angryvixen
~ that the Notorious Kym... er... nbbmom enjoys every moment of her vacation time... :D
~ and that all is well in the last across the sea... in the home and heart of my good friend knightsdawn...
~ to send some lj love'en out to that mom-in-training... tonya... just 'cause...
~ and to hope will all my heart that movingforward finds some silver in the clouds that are keeping the flights of her dreams grounded. "Whatever does not kill us, makes us stronger" is sage advice sugar-shari.
~ and a very happy birthday number one for little Jackson. That's snwbrdette's wee little darl'en... :D
~ my very sweet and treasured friend in far far away Singapore, auntyadele is heading into the hospital today for her surgery... say a wee prayer for her swift return to her loving husband and adorable children.

The radio was talking with various scholars and men that spend their days arguing... about the "Security Barrier" aka The Wall, that Israel is building around their tiny nation. It's not, btw, like their building it on their borders... They're building it with a big buffer zone outside of their borders... through communities in some cases... and "The Wall" has the odd gate, locked except for a couple of hours per day and Israel holds the keys.. Now The Wall costs about $4.5 mill per km.... and 650+ kms long... it's (and I could get the details wrong here... so don't hold me to it) about 8 meters tall. (that's almost 30 feet dude). Imagine.
I don't suppose that I have any answers to their pathetic pathetic pathetic pathetic ... sick twisted argument... the Palestinian versus Israel issue... it's centuries old and basically... doomed to continue into the distant future... mostly because the foundations of hate have been built into every aspect of peoples lives on both sides of the arguments coin. Education, Health, Politics, Security, History - and the re-writing of history, are all concepts rebuilt to support the ongoing arguments there. The lot of them... both sides of their coin... are wack jobs... and given enough time, they will eventually blow themselves all up and we can be done worrying about them.

However... The Wall issue is pretty evil stuff. No idea if it's going to help anything... seems like it will be a sure way to ensure that whatever happens in the future they can count on The Wall forcing the issue to never let up.

Wouldn't it be a fabulous (but, sadly, prohibitively expensive) idea for all the rest of the countries in the world to build a 20 meter wall around all of it... The West Bank, Israel, all the disputed territory... all of it. And the gate could be opened for a couple of hours each day... maybe... and we could all rotate who got to hold the keys every month. Let the bunch of them stew in their own juices for a while... idiots.

Oh and George Baby... how’s that Road To Peace you've been building? (more idiocy)
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uh oh... tummy bubbles... out of nowhere...
well ... lunch... but still...
suddenly not feeling alltogether... altogether...
I'll try some fresh air...
Time for a quick walk.

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ack... my back is a mess. I've no idea what happened... it started hurting yesterday and now I'm crawling around like a dead person. Lower left... So ... who's coming over to give me a massage?


I'm going down to my "boxes of books put away" storage zone in the basement... in there are dozens and dozens of books from my reading explosion... started in about grade 11 and went like mad till I was about 30. I mean, I still read, but not like a mad man... :D Any ways... the goal... to find my Robert Heinlen collection... (literally, everything he ever authored) and garner from that box the series of books that are refered to as the "Juvinile Collection." A series of books originally published in weekly serial science fiction newspapers in the 1950's... All of this to say... George is ready for a few of those and I'm looking forward to reading them with him. :D

oh... and would someone please take a hit out on Billy Boy Hung... his 15 minutes ended a while ago and they just don't know how to stop. pawwwwleeese!