March 7th, 2004


:) Sunday... March 7th...

As usual, it's been an interesting effort to catch up a bit with Lj... and as usual, it's impossible. :D

The sun is shining... massive massive amounts of rain in the last two days has whittled the snow down to a spring-like look... although I should prol'y shut up because there's nothing like a jinx to bring a new two foot snow storm... :D

Families are wandering up the street with winter jackets all zipped up but kids zinging about and being playful... Spring may be a couple of weeks away from kicking off but her attitude is already finding her way into my world. Summer is tiring and playful, Fall is beautiful... Winter is deep and Spring? Spring is like the dawn... fresh and full of promise.

I finished "The Time Traveler’s Wife" yesterday... and I was very seriously moved by the story... I will never forget that story... ever.

~ clearly wake up clothes...
~ pj pants, black hoodie... things on my eyelids that sooo need to be washed off!
~ shower... zoom to my mom's house to pick up their now-grandfathered-linksys router
~ fix all the security on their D-Link wireless router (thanks luker... you always come through ... no really... thanks)
~ then it's the mad shuffle for a day of Taikwando classes and a zoom to my brothers house to set up that linksys box for him...
~ TONIGHT IS A NEW ALIAS... (finally!)
~ mad wishes and huge prayers for my very lovely friend, the camera goddess, kattaryna. Please, please be ok sugar and home-again-home-again... soon.
~ for the improved health of a wee bitty upchuck'en machine... aka Connor... dear catherine's little man. ~ and for the fever that is sneaking around with cramped's little Mary to abate...
~ to smile over at kumi and think... nah... you adjust sugar... it's a live-altering change to have kids, but ... it's easy after they (the kids) are done training ya. :D

I've been digging up frames from closets that have been living as dust collectors... and sticking pictures in them... fun. :D
I even painted a couple of old crummy IKEA-RAKET frames black to get some 5x4 pictures in... I wonder when Z will stop me... hahaha... she's always had the better eye between us as to what should be hung where on the walls of our home. :)

Hernia Update: things are going really well there... the scar is healing up great and it's really not sore much till towards the end of the day. i'm still taking it easy and I will be refusing to lift ... well anything bigger than a lap top, for another two months... Note: that includes myself, so I'm being careful about getting up off the floor etc... the "pushup" motion can be a real mistake when healing a hernia op. :D

Note to self: I vow to let sarcasm become angers sword in place of aggression. It's sword is sharper, cuts deeper and is more often disarming. Aggression usually feels good at the moment but costs too much.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday...

(no subject)

girl slights girl...
so the slighted one smiles and makes like nothings wrong,
goes home and phones a friend to talk about it.
next day she talks to another friend...
then she stews.
maybe she investigates how she can change ...
maybe the slight was over a piece of clothing... TRASHES IT,
or her hair... CUTS IT... or whatever...
she doesn't talk to the slighter for weeks.
the run into one another in a social setting.
She's polite but rather stand-off-ish.
The original slighter notices the stand-off-ish-ness
goes home and phones a friend to talk about it.
Days go by...
They prol'y both send each other emails.
They have a phone call and agree that was wrong in the first place,
and they really out to go out soon.
They're both pissed off
they don't talk for a few more weeks.
Eventually, a third party friend wants to do something
It was going to include the slighter and the slightee...
She mediates a truce and ... miracle of miracles...
they make up and life goes on.

boy slights a boy
so the slighted one calls the slighter a dick.
he calls him a jack off in return
twenty seconds go by...
they've forgotten it completely.