March 5th, 2004



k... it's late enough and I need to not ... aa, who am I kidding. If I start now... i'll be in bed at 2:00 again.

at some point I fear the flesh will fall away from me and I'll turn out to be some alien being.
My fellow aliens will come and get me and take me back to our home planet where the day is 20 hours of daylight, and everyone just lives on coffee. Imagine how packed the lines would be at a starbucks ... I mean, they'd have to have 'bucks... shit... you don't think Second Cup got the franchise there first do you? I better not be an alien man... I'm not really a big Second Cup fan...

K... must sleep.
Big day tomorrow... Friday... the busiest day of the week ... bar none.

ni ni...

Friday baby... er... um, March 3rd according to my watch... but I'm thinking it's actually the 5th.

Hi ... (this is a big of a meme thing... thought I'd trot it out)
I found Livejournal four years ago while reading Steph's
(as in, punquin) web journal
and ana voog's web pages and her journal.
They both started talking about this "thought of the moment"
thing... and were posting their Lj's inside their web pages
using the "embedding" feature of Lj.
Clicking to comment on something in voog's journal led me to
a page that demanded I fill out the free application to make
an account before I could put my comment in.
I was more naive about things in internet land than you
can imagine. I completed the registration (establishing a
LJ account "corto") and made my comment to voog.
It was some time before I actually realized what I had done
and that I now had an online journal.

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z (point zero) jeans [ :: my life is an old SNL skit... :: ]
~ red (gasp) p-z golf shirt
~ beige... er, with tones of pale green actually, sweater
~ sort out some geeky issues between our ottawa and montreal offices... read: lets all trip over a language barrier...
~ madam excel... my concubine... time to get the cuffs out and DO EVERYTHING I SAY BITCH...
~ write about Survivor... and try not to choke to death laughing at freak show hawk.
~ tonight? ah.. well, watch Enterprise from the other night... very old skol a la vhs... all you Tivo freaks make me soooo jealous...
~ that ladyfire snaps mega pictures today for her ADIML thing...
~ for confident strength to wash over my very dear friend sneetches...
~ that I find a way to get together with reens and luker one of these days... at this rate, Daniel's gonna be leaving for University ...
~ that my ever so distant friend, sleep_walker enjoys her time with Fabio... and I bet he has a um... strong grip. :)
~ it's been too long since I mentioned that nordicgrrl is all that and a bag of chips... yummi chips... you can't just eat one... ya know
~ and I hope Chris... Little Miss Giggles... (gigglecam) gets round this sniffly cold thing without too much suffering. :D

So William Hung has dropped out of Berkley and is getting married (in San Francisco) to Clay Aiken.* Well that's wonderful.. I hope they will be very happy together. Of course, this means that they will want to have babies... they have both made heartfelt appeals on this matter in televised interviews... William is quoted as saying they want the whole "sh-bang". The fact that they were both sterilized at birth seems to have only inspired the medical community to really get behind their maternal needs. As it turns out, the problems are far less dramatic than anyone had realized... as both Billy Boy and Clay have indicated that they will be satisfied by arranging to have a new Brittany Barbie produced and inserted in Clays bum to be extracted nine months later. I'm certain they will be very happy and we can all look forward to the Christmas album featuring the extended versions of their most popular hits.

* fine. it could happen...
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~ my new shoes are taking on a decidedly Cliff Claven like squeek...

~ it's raining... no really... if a freaking torrential downpour out there... I'm expecting to hear Bill Cosby say "raaaaight.... what's a cubit?"

~ we've purged our house of all candy and crapish yummi food. A two week experiment on the childrens behaviour... Meanwhile, I have a "very vanilla oh henry" in my book bag waiting for to give my sweet tooth an orgasm.

~ you know that bruce cockburn cover the BNL's did of "Lover's In A Dangerous Time"... his voice gives me goose bumps ... I love that song.
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Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor 8: The All Stars!!


Wherein...Suzy Hawk is saved by the bell... the bell on top of a one arm bandit... which, according to Shi-ann, is a rather small and unimpressive arm at that. It’s the land of alliance building, red meat, and the inevitable assent of Boston Rob to God-Hood... or is that god-in-his-head-hood?

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yeah... so...
opening the freezer...
above the fridge...
hearing a noise...
raising your hand...
and catching a quickly emptying ice cube tray...
can kinda suck.

geek question

So here's the question: Does anyone use an apple computer with a linksys cable/DSL router? (wired, not wireless) The only info I have found on it paints a sad state of affairs between Lynksys and Apple ... grrrrr....

I mean, it's just another port with an IP stack right? (the Mac)