March 4th, 2004


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tumbling through a night marked most clearly by the 2 hours that vanished
while sharing a pillow with Edward to help him find the sandman

it's all worth it, in the end...
but that would be because I got to see CJ Craig sitting beside Big Bird on a bench in the hall at the white house.

now it's time for bed... again...

ni ni...

Thursday, March 4

D'ya ever get up on the wrong side of the planet?
Not nasty... just wishing the sun was setting again so you could too...
After my shower... after shaving... I stumbled back to the bed and fell in beside a very warm, and deeply sleeping little Edward.
Suz and Geo were downstairs, mid-flight on the morning pre-school fly-by... and Edward was soooo warm I almost decided to forget the day and let myself slide.
Almost ... but not quite... sorta like Bush being human...
Anyways... it's 9:30 and here I be... work'er bee for another day.
(and no cracks about what an outrageous slacker I am... :D)

~ red ftls
~ beige dockers... wrinkle proof... whole unlike my face
~ a beige t hiding under a dk blue turtleneck.
~ to make sense out of some Middlesex clues to making Excel be my bitch ...
~ writing a wee something in a bit about peace love and understanding...
~ thank Mz CrackTastic (mother nature) for the joy that is red grapes... (my morning munchie)
~ It's a Survivor night...
~ to point out that I remain a die hard fan of all things Amy Austin Like... (er... that's amyaustin). :D
~ to remind ya... you don't go to Belgium without your towel... period.
~ that the next two weeks pass without ANY broken anythings (bones yo!) in the world of angryvixen and his circleness... circlek
~ for a grand day to find my new friend mspish... what a great journal...
~ for good health to stay with my pal knightsdawn...
~ for a do-over to make it's way to willedit...

[ :: WWBD :: ]... bwaahahaha... snort...

Hey... thanks for being such a bunch of supportive eggs yesterday with el-wackjob...
Sometimes the name corto translates into target instead of short I suppose.
In the end...I'm mostly teflon to that stuff... but it's sometimes nice to just get all buss'en and let it out.
What you leave pent up... finds a way to squeek out... and that's usually not a pretty thing.
Better to make the choice to open the steam valve and blow.

HEY... DID YOU HEAR? They're gonna make a firefly movie... called "Serenity"!!!! (thanks mags baby...) :D

ps. my watch, woefully (huh? sp?) not electronic but decidedly mechanical... has no concept of daylight savings time or leap year... let alone the fact that February doesn't even get a knuckle on that how many days each month hath thing... so my lovely "dress up watch" is busy telling me it's March 2. I gotta fix that... of course that would mean actually doing something... and, you know, I spend every waking second on my computer so when would I find the time... bwaahahaha... *choke*... *cough* ... :D
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Birthday Catch-Up Time

March 2
hockeybrat Happy Slightly Late Birthday sugar Jen... and while you may be one of like sixty "Jens" on my friends page... you're still a one of a kind girl... I hope you're birthday was a smashing success, but mostly I hope this next year is marked with good health and good fortune for you and your little family. :D

and a similarly Slightly Late Happy Birthday to shadesong... it took an act of desperate and nasty people to bring us together but here we are! :D I do hope you enjoy this next year... you're several years away from your sexual prime sugar... so practice practice practice... :)

Only a wee bit less late, are my birthday wishes for sweet starlazdaze... Hey R-Girl... I know this has been a busy year and you're very likely never going to see this... but know that my very best wishes for you and your new hubby are with you. Have a wonderful year little sugar... um... you pregnant yet? (lol!!)

and on to today!!

Happy Birthday Heather... hlu in far away distant Sweden... you don't have to speak swedish to understand swedish quality (or so the elna advert told me ever so long ago) Have a wonderful year and may your dogs be ever healthy and happy. :D

Happy Birthday to a wonderful new(ish) mom and wonderful girl... kea... I hope you and your man... and your darl'en little one have a great year ahead and that you paint the pictures of dreams coming true for yourself Katie.


... and a very happy birthday memory to an interesting woman who shone like a brilliant star in the night sky of so many lives... may she forever shine and bring peaceful happiness to all who knew and loved her... You are a treasure in my heart and memory dearest Dawn...
Today was dawnmarie's birthday... may she rest in peace and be comforted by the spirits that guide her precious soul.

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k... busier day than anticipated...
must find my way home and then to my folks house for dinner.

It occurs to me that we never watched the Friends tape from last week... and I prol'y taped over it.
Did I miss much?

see ya tonight. :)


I'm such a git... I tell myself ... I warn myself... "don't read lj until after you've watched the survivor tape" but do I remember after reading to geo? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Anyways... tonight Geo pounded from the 2 to 10 times table without any mistakes.
This is only a big deal in so far as he really was stuck on counting his fingers for most of them about 3 weeks ago.

So five minutes - not a minute more... not a minute less - per night for 21 days and he's got it.
He's in grade three and I know other kids in his class have had the times tables a while ago, but he tends to focus more on his arts... and cursive writing and science... but math... not his strongest element.
He is well pleased with himself... but not half as pleased as I am with him. Now we start on the 11-20 tables...

Dinner at my folks was nice... but the after dinner entertainment was watching me zoom all over the house getting a new wireless router setup. If I had remembered to "release" the address from the wired router before I started swapping nics for wireless access cards ... it would have been way easier. :D

Home... and straight into pj pants. It's a pj pants kinda night.

Next up... Survivor tape, friends and then back here to geek a bit on a web site for my mom's gallery.
Her site [ :: Josie's Watercolours :: ] is fine... but needs some content updates... however, the gallery site is brand new.

Ok... see ya.