March 3rd, 2004


Wednesday... March 3

Holla muchachos y muchachas... it's a cold and steely gray day in the world around me.
However, it's a brilliant sunny day in the world that lives inside.
There be good vibes here! :D
Not entirely sure what that's about but I'm not knocking it... not for one second.

We kinda woke up late... well, I was up at 7:20 (which is plenty good for our schedule) however I lay back down across the bed and failed to find my feet again until the numbers on the little clock screamed 7:49 ... which is not so hot for our schedule... Little Geo's neck is really bothering him lately... and I cannot seem to get the exercising thing to become a habit... We're gonna have to have a family meeting about it tonight. He missed his buss, not from being late, but because his neck hurt... and that translates into me being later than usual because I'm driving him to school.

Hey... the jury has begun deliberating in the Martha Trial... 8 women and 4 men. If they come back into the jury box carrying wicker baskets full of decoratively displayed dried fruits we'll know their deliberations leaned a wee bit towards subjecting us to several more years of Martha Madness... versus the dramatically more entertaining notion of subjecting Martha to several years of recolouring the tattoos on Julie The Knife and Brenda Bad Ass.

~ green ftls
~ black jeans... dare I say... jet black... bwahahaha
~ blue mock neck shirt... mock mock mock... go on say it... mock
~ black sweater ... red stripe...
~ FABULOUS new comfortable black docker dress shoes...
~ to mental on this excel / word thing for the engagement package...
~ (I crossed a hurdle yesterday with this work project and now I'm on a roll...)
~ visit a post office...
~ make a call, plan a coffee with my future..
~ it's West Wing, Enterprise night... no idea if either are new, but I can check later. :D
~ you would take a second to read the little PSA thingy at the bottom of this post.
~ the best of fortune to my jersey boy... midnighthour May the hunt be fruitful.
~ for the frustrations of the day to slip away for sweet 'n' bronze... bramey
~ that I can keep my front row seat for the little shit storm that's brewing between a few friends here in the land of acid tongues, sharp nails, tampons, hair pulling and thick ankles... er... livejournal.
~ for a happy-explosive-poop-day for one of the new mommies in my world... :D Keep them wet-wipes handy there ectv :D :D
~ and to send a word out to a sweet new friend... don't sell yourself short there Kandi... (kandi_bomber) ... you can absolutely anything... and from what I see and read... you can prol'y do it well. :D

Read Me Please a PSA moment from corto...

Ok... so there's this thing... many of my friends know princessblondie, but plenty don't...
She's a pretty great example of what happens when a person is made out of sunlight and warmth.
Her post [ :: here :: ] is protected ... so that's not much use unless you're on her friends list...
However the important stuff is as follows;

She's organizing a team to participate in a cancer walk. Her team is called Blondie's Angels.

The website: (click on Toronto)

If you have a family or friend connection to cancer you might want to learn more about this...
and if you're anywhere near Toronto... Join her team...
I can pretty well guarantee you'll have great time with some remarkable people for company.
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the hand


ok... another day crawls back under the rock where it came from... :D

Actually, the sun came out somewhere in mid day ... prol'y because it wanted to play with the sun that has been shining inside me all day.

Trolls ... honestly, have very little effect (or is that affect?) on me. Although it's really a great deal of fun to call someone nasty names and bristle a bit... I mean, when they deserve it.

Now, it's time to get myself home.

ps. I know I'm Posty McPostalot but ... tough...

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I am grinning like a fool...
... and once again, I'm blaming that masterful work that goes by the unassuming name of "The Time Traveller's Wife".

I make a concious effort avoid considering the author for the first half of new authors... and in this case, I only today turned to the back interleaf of the cover and regraded the author. She looks without question almost exactly as I expected her to look. I am pleased.

oh, the grin has to do with the current story elements... not my El Magnifico like perceptions of the author.