February 29th, 2004


Sunday, Feb 29... Leap Leap Leap...

Well yesterday was good but mostly it was busy. Cooked "corto's fabulous ribs" for dinner and spent a butt load of time working on sorting out the finance binders. I have these binders for RRSP stuff... spousal, and the investments for the kids... years and years of dumb ass monthly statements and big stacks of stuff that hadn't been filed. So I archived most of it and started fresh for this year. We've pretty well recovered from the market crash a few years ago... and from my glorious idiocy with JDS Uniphase investments... We would be soooo much further ahead if I had not made that dumb-as-a-post investment... but, alas, hindsight...

We watched "Runaway Jury" last night... I couldn't help remembering them watching that in Big Brother last summer... :D
I enjoy a) anything by Grishom, and b) anything with John Cusack in it... so it was a no brainer to like the show... but it wasn't spectacular. I'm glad it was a rental.

I'm tempted to watch "13"... (movie) ... anyone see it?

~ pj pants...
~ gap hoodie
~ nice warm sox.
~ strip and take a shower!!
~ continue to take pictures all day long and make a "ADIML" post tomorrow night...
~ TKD today... I missed last week (duh...) but the doc says I can go today... I just have to be careful.
~ groceries
~ Oscars? If there was a way to watch and yet be certain that I wouldn't have to see either of the River Hags, we'd be good to go.
~ tomorrows work... must sort out some stuff about that... blah!
~ to write some birthday wishes later...
~ to congratulate caroline75 on getting her Leeds accreditation (Design thing!)
~ and a happy anniversary to Nola and Mario (that's teaser and her hubby
~ er... well to do a "d'oh" for nbbmom... re: your phone call to dude...
~ and to send all kinds of lj love'en to my friend cherripop212... just 'cause
~ that your father (ladyfire's) continues to recover (I'm so glad things went well Lisa!!)
~ and, of course, great gobs of heartfelt concern for catherine. There are no words... but there are many many emotions.

We had a little boy come over yesterday to play with Geo... a friend from school... Earnest. :D I love saying his name. He has four siblings... and his mother was just diagnosed with a really very seriously bad cancer problem... Five kids!!! It breaks my heart... but they played well and had a great afternoon. I think we'll have Ernie over more often.

I read back... but I really can't do "reading back" justice... It's going to be a busy day and the shower is calling for me.

I'll see you all later this aft... have a great day and if you think about it... say a few words of thanks to whomever you accredit with making the universe possible. You're alive... you have friends... and tomorrow holds promise. We are very lucky indeed!

See ya.
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Birthday Catchup!

Happy Marginally Late Birthday Lil'Perdida... alma_perdida... You are an engaging and wonderful friend sugar, and wishes for you and your partner are never far from my thoughts... I hope you had a good celebration (Feb 27) of the day and that you have a great year ahead... May you never run out of places in your heart worth exploring.

Happy Birthday Adele!! (auntyadele). You have had such a dramatic end to this last year... I'm afraid it will be hard to top. :D So don't try ok?!! May you enjoy not only your own good health but the best of fortune for your hole family.

Happy Birthday Miz Beach. er, that would be Andrea... (thatthingido). Thank you Andrea... you've been such a treat to have as a friend (and I'm not really concerned if that seems corny). I hope you have a fantastic birthday and you spend the next year getting back the friendship you have been handing out!