February 20th, 2004



What? Am I not beautiful... hell my face is almost as long as Celine Dion's ...
you know you wanna kiss me... right there... bwaahahaha...

lol... yeah, well see I'm feeling a wee bit better today so the dork in me emerges... besides... it's a friday. :D
I wake up feeling really great ... but gravity starts to work on the incision line and within an hour it's all sore again.

Note: the skin around the incision is still numb... coming back to life ever so slowly... And by "numb" I mean, stick a pin in it... no sensation. As it comes back, it brings a great deal of localized ouch... versus the general ouch of the muscle tissue damage on the inside. All in all though... it's going to be fine in a few more days... The biggest problem is the lack of muscles in my gut. gah...

~ actual ftls... no commando today (oh, they're blue)
~ pj pants (still a little too ouchi for jeans) [ :: look... they're like an optical illusion :: ]
~ icon shirt... (er... look at the icon)
~ eat... ug... more bran.
~ write about survivor in a bit...
~ go to Future Shop to return a "standard" version of Snatch and look for the Superbit version.
~ that you will all link over to ladyfire's journal for a moment [ :: to read this :: ] ... yeahokthanks. It'll only take a moment.
~ ps. Lisa... you're a good girl...
~ that the spector of Ferris Beuller living in her house settles a bit for cherripop212
~ that my forever friend daikan gathers a few strands of "sturdy" together... :D
~ to send some good love'en vibes to sweet like candy girl ... no1topaz and wishing you felt bedda!
~ to point out to teaser that I love her more than she'll ever be able to grasp... but go'head and try... :D
~ for some tummy-pop to land with tonya so her pregnancy can stop looking like a lot of pizza last night
~ and to lament with poor ectv those newborn clothes that never got worn. Newborn clothes have a life span of like... a week!

Did you watch Friends? ... I freaking loved "Joey French"... gah!!! I had to supress laughter for fear of shooting organs out my incision line... That is exactly how I'd love to deal with french... bwaahahahaha...

ps. biggest drag in my world right now... a wee tickle in the bottom of my lungs... want to cough just a little cough to clear it... AND I CAN'T... blarggggg!!!!

pps. I said pizza... now we have to have pizza tonight at dinner. :D
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Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor VIII : The All Stars

It's all about the Robs

Wherein... it is proven once and for all that Rupert can float. Jerri cries over spilt house, Hawk snivels over lunch, and manipulative love is in the air. The teams are polarizing into the "haves" and the "freaking imbecilic losers"... oh, and Mother Nature is Jeff’s bitch. He says "suffer" and she beats the crap out of the all-stars.

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