February 18th, 2004



The Birthday Bonanza!!
The 0218'ers are here again!!!

Today is amyaustin's, chrissmari's, laurel714's, passerine's and teq's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Ladies... :D

Amy!! May this next year with Lilly bring you and Joel all the joyful and memorable moments you can handle. (and the very best of good fortune to you!!) I am so happy to have the chance to share a friendship with you... you make me smile sugar... thank you.! :D

Chrissy... may the fogs of london bring you all the little adventures you can bear... and I hope health keeps a sharp eye on you.

Laurel... I hope you've found your way through the boxes and out into the light. Have a wonderful year lil'sugar.

Pammy!!! Well, basically, no end in sight to the little wishes I have for you... I hope you find the happiness you deserve and the all the little pleasures you can pack in!! Enjoy yourself Pam... this is what you're supposed to be doing.! :D

And Sarah!! Thank you for your friendship... I hope the very best life has to offer finds you all year long! I count myself fortunate indeed to have found a friendship with you. :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Amy, Chrissy, Laurel, Pammy and Sarah... Happy Birthday to you... :D

Wednesday, February 18

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Ah yes... a birthday spent with my pj pants hiked up to my nipples to avoid anything squeezing my ouchi spot... shuffling around at about 1 mile an hour... definately "doing the old man" today. :D

Today I am 42.
I feel as good - current post operative condition aside - as a guy can feel... at any age.

~ a big ass grin
~ and some comfy clothes...
~ to keep popping Tylonal2's
~ stay in one position... until I absolutely have to move...
~ watch West Wing and Enterprise tonight...
~ Desperately try NOT to laugh while the kids, Z and I watch "The Party" after school....
thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou kimberly27616 for sending me "The Party!!!"
~ something about "I'd like to buy the world a coke..."
~ I was eating something that wasn't made, primarily, of bran...

I crawled out of bed... had some coffee... and loaded up my friends pages.
Then got a kleenex and sat here feeling like a million bucks and brushed a few schmoopy tears away.
You're a wonderful part of my life... and Thank You hardly seems to be enough.


... and ps. I got a note from Christina... (wheelwhirled)... so she's still out there somewhere.. :D

a day...

Ok... it's been a great day...
Feeling a wee bit better... as evaluated against the number of tylonal2s I've popped.
No, they didn't give me anything stronger...
Any ways, today was better than yesterday and I'm sure tomorrow will be a little better still.

That being said...
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Know this... and know it well...
If, in the making of human kind, the dice had played a slightly different game,
and it was up to MEN to carry and bear children.... it would surely work like this;

On the first day of the 17th week, fully paid maternity leave would begin.
On the second day of the 17th week, a team of medical practitioners
would descend upon the home of this pregnant man
and he would be rendered unconscious
and cared for well until there was a baby on his lap.
Two years of maternity leave would commence at full pay.
And he would indeed say to his friends
"Do these sweat pants make my ass look fat?"

ok ok ok ... whatever. I just know that cesarean births prol'y end with
a pain not unlike the post operative hernia pain I'm having and while
my hat has for a long time been off to the heroics of birthing mothers...
that appreciation is just being ramped up a bit.

Now it's off to give gravity another chance at relieving some ... er... pressure.
Then, West Wing!