February 15th, 2004


Sunday, Feb 15

Halllow... :D

Yesterday, as are Saturdays as a general rule, was all about family. My SIL got her computer back... hopefully all working again... We did loads of groceries, which included all the trimm'ens for Z to make her fabo lasagna for tonight... :) (she makes the best lasagna in the known and unknown universe).
Oh, and skating!!! The boys and I spent the afternoon skating on the neighbors back yard rink... It's gorgeous... (and with strings of lights over it... it's even more gorgeous at night!!!)

[ :: This little (750k) video moment :: ] of Geo doing a "look dad... one foot" has a kinda 1960's feel to it... :D

We are not a big skating family... that is to say... I can't skate very well... but I am trying hard to learn to skate backwards.
It was a beautiful (but seriously cold) day...

[ :: daddy... looking cold... but proving he was there... :D :: ]
[ :: and the day ... busy being beautiful... :: ]
[ :: and my little hockey stars! :: ]

~ um... a housecoat... (... hi thedreamingtree)
~ oh shower... for sure... shower...
~ TKD - the big family process on Sundays.
~ a family dinner tonight... a birthday thing for little ol'me... seeing as I'm gonna be a bit out of sorts the rest of the week. :D
~ A new ALIAS tonight... :)
~ I absolutely-for-sure-was-positive I understood the end of Swimming Pool
~ to congratulate pixiecup on finally seeing The Breakfast Club ... my reason-for-doing-this... is expressed in that movie... Ally Sheedy talking to Molly... "why are you being nice to me?" and her answer sums it all up for me.
~ to also congratulate zen2475 on the arrival of her new nephew... :D
~ and a wee hopeful wish out to a muse of a woman... pageeater on the bid...

We made a cookie cake...

... basically, whip cream and chocolate wafer cookies... 10 minutes to make and a kiddie crowd pleaser. :D

Ok... busy day ahead... and the last full day before the hack and slash!! :D

ps. I hope you had a lovely valentines day... It's a bit of a crock but I do appreciate any good excuse for showing the love and reminding the people you truly care about that they count! :D

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If, at this stage of my life, I actually accomplish
the altogether lofty goal of doing front and back
splits in TKD I will be more than a little amazed.
(I'm about 8 in. off the ground from crotch to
hardwood - and, no, that's not legs to the side...
rather, one leg out front and one out behind)


ps. Hi... :D

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k... Dinner? Fantastic...
Company... grand... I love my family... they're such a positive influence in my world.

Food? Well seems to have given me a headache. Drag.

T-Minus 3:00 hours until I have to stop eating or drinking anything... grrr!!!!
No coffee from midnight till late tomorrow? why not just put a bullet in my eye now?

ALIAS just started... are you taping it?

Ok ok ... time to put kids to bed... :D