February 13th, 2004


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yeah... so Survivor... bwaahhahaha... omg I'm going straight to hell. :D


George got his first official library card today.
You cannot imagine how big a deal this is to him.
He scoured the library and found the two vhs tape set of a b class brit production of:
"The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader"
(narnia book we finished a month ago).
~ picture child beaming like a hundred watt bulb here... :D

It's 12:30... I've a fresh small mug of coffee... and ...
well, it's been a nice evening. :)

time to surf a bit ... then bed.
Totally slacked on the flash stuff today... but I'll get there. :)

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Birthday Catch-Up Time

These are all late... but only by a few hours... :D
Birthdays from February 12...

Happy Birthday Jerr... (circlek) It's been a long time my friend and a great many things have happened in your world since I met you and I really feel like its an auspicious birthday this time around... You've got great karma right now... and I just know this is going to be a wonderful year for you!! May you have every opportunity to enjoy the months ahead! :D

And Miss kristenactually... lil'Kristen... I'm glad you had a good trip and I hope you have a fab year ahead.... Reading about you and yours has been a very nice slice of the journal world... Happy Birthday Kristen. I'm glad you're here... :D

Dear Miss Red!!! (er... that's simplyred) Long have you been absent but never so far from my thoughts that I could not think of you from time to time and hope that all is well in your family and with you. May a wish for a happy and safe birthday find you across the miles... :D

And tassy!!! I know you're a busy girl... but I hope not too busy to find the time to really have enjoyed your birthday... I do hope there is a grand year ahead peppered with memorable moments and the best of lifes fortunes for you. Happy Birthday sweets.

ps. that's my Tassy icon... :D

Friday, Feb 13...

It's Friday the 13th. Not a really big deal... more of an excuse than anything... but I'll hold that thought and cross fingers for a good day... regardless of the date!

~ light green haines bb's
~ blue jeans [ :: yes indeed... friday! :: ]
~ Strong Bad t-shirt
~ blue notes sweater...
~ smash through the rest of my "due today" project parts...
~ present said project at 1:00
~ have lunch after that... and write a little something...
~ do some pink chair dancing...
~ tonight? no plans...
~ that y'all continue to get me... and if you don't... where’s the door?
~ to just pay a little trib to sweet kitiara... because she's knowing what love is... and that's precious.
~ that the sneetch... er... sneetches enjoys her day... busy as they will all be... now that she's a wee bit more boss like... :)
~ that everything is ok with balljar's little Claire...
~ and that everything settles down with kimmellee's little PJ... fevers abound... I hope they abate.
~ to send out some serious thank-you's to thedreamingtree ... music makes my world go around. :)

See'en as I'm going to be on computer free day tomorrow... I'm ignoring the 13 and paying attention to the notion of the 14th.

Valentines Day has been morphed into something of a pathetic marketing opportunity... with way too many doors opening on lonely hearts to say nothing of unfortunate gifts. When we were little... we wrote out envelopes stuffed with little cards to give to all the other kids in the class room and we'd hang little "Valentine Mail Boxes" off our desks and we'd all zoom around handing them out... then spend time reading the ones we got... Not sure what they were training us for with those experiences but in general... no harm no foul.

[ :: click me :: ] That's my internet valentine card from a couple of years back... and I still love that image.

It makes me remember....

On Love
There is more love in my world today than there ever has been before.
For this I am more thankful and more appreciative than you can imagine.
I love easily but not recklessly.
My passionate heart belongs to one woman
but that doesn't stop loves adventure.
When I let myself love, I am rewarded with loves return.
There is no greater happiness that could be crafted for my heart.
I will continue to love [ :: you :: ] and let that be the gift I give myself.
Love is life’s greatest reward.*

* next to big screen tv's... hahaha... ok ok ... sorry lol
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Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor 8: The All Stars!!

Amity Island meets Gilligan’s Island.

Wherein... the witch turns into Action Gal, the gay naked guy bites a shark (and no, that’s not gay subculture speak for how Colby wants Richard to treat him), Ol’Black Beard digs a hole, Amber embraces her inner crew slut, someone calls it quits and Suzy Wretch Bag goes toe to toe with Farmer Tom. Yuppers... they don’t call ‘em the All Stars for nothing.

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