February 10th, 2004


Tuesday, Feb 10

~ zooming through the office for the picture today... stop, click, go...

It's another day... but it's ... er... well it's a tween day. No, it's not an "animation setting in Flash day"... nor is it a day made out of kids that are not quite teenagers yet... Rather, it's a day between what comes before... and what comes next. And I am feeling really good about the whole "what comes next" thing... but that's something that can be explained later. It's like that feeling before you leave on a vacation to somewhere really special... but not so close to departure that you have all the freak-out associated with leaving... you can see the horizon and the colours are pleasing like Monet and there's an exciting skyline hinting at a road not traveled... a new place to discover. Ok... I know... I'm a bit of a cornball when I'm all happy and excited about life. It's been a while... so put up with it yo. :D

~ red stripee ftls
~ black jeans
~ dk blue b.u.m. equip t
~ jet black... lol... jet black sweater with a big red stripe
~ more flash tutorial stuff...
~ a couple more modules of the PM tutorials.
~ mess around with the project macro (word / excel hell)
~ tonight? hmm... not sure.
~ I had had time to watch American Splendor... I returned an "unwatched" rented movie last night... (I hate that).
~ that the days and weeks to come are good for a very wonderful friend... sweet catherine and her little stories... stories yet to be told. Imagine!!
~ for the calendar to do it's thing for sparklegrrl... my lil' sugar-snaps... :D
~ it's been toooooo long since I've said so, so a quick reminder... gnomeygirlThe Gnome... is my godess!
~ that interviews and all that goes with / comes from them works well for my friend... the displaced now-west-coaster burntflowers...
~ to wish a happy anniversary to lil_sass... :D
~ that somebody gets mysticchyna a cork. (giggle... hahaha... sorry... :D)

// Rant On Yo!
Do you know who Don Cherry (sp?) is?... the colour commentator from Hockey Night In Canada?? He's famous for his goofy clothing, stupid dog and exceptionally outspoken opinions. Now the CBC, bending over for a good boning by some nazi's that try to control the way Canadians THINK on issues relating to French have put him on a 7 second delay because he commented [paraphrase] "the only players that wear visors in hockey are Europeans and French guys." This is on the heels of an illustrious career of saying controversial things and pushing peoples buttons.
OK LOOK... he's a hockey colour commentator... holy crap people, what the hell are they thinking putting him on a leash? It's unbelievably insulting to me as an average person to think that my government needs to protect me from this guys words... because??? why???? Do they figure I turn to Don Freaking Cherry for lessons in cultural tolerance? It's frigging HOCKEY... three steps away from gladiators poking lions with sharp sticks and somebody is worried about my cultural influences?
BOTTOM LINE: Yet another occassion on which the misguided Protectors Of All Things French have hammered home a negative vibe. Take a lesson from the Italians already... protect your culture by embracing it... instead of ramming it down the thoats of everyone you can get your grubby little hands on.
// K... all done. :D

Have a wonderful day muchachos y muchachas... I know I will... :D
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