February 9th, 2004


Monday, February 9

Clicking on a matchmaker ad-banner in Hotmail by accident is like the worst thing you can do... ever!!! (prepares for flood of new spam).

It's Monday!! the beginning a new week...
One week from right this minute I'll be 1 hour away from the knife,
and beginning two weeks of trying not to sneeze, laugh or lift anything larger than a clean toaster
(dirty toasters, as we all know, are weighed down with errant crumbs).
I shall enjoy this week.
ah, who am I kidding... I enjoy every week,
and I'll enjoy the weeks after the hernia op too.
I'll just be doing a great deal of that "enjoying" in pj pants. :D
(like that's not a good thing!! hahaha).

My birthday is coming up... of course, it's two days after the surgery so wohoo...
if you are dying to buy me huge expensive electronic toys...
there's an amazon wish list out there somewhere.

~ blue ftls
~ dk green dress pants ... dare I say "hunter green"
~ kinda patterned green collarless shirt
~ nice beige (with light green highlights) warm sweater...
~ a pink wig... you reading this? :D snicker...
~ this week... is all about getting a honking macro done on a word/excel integration
~ reading plenty of flash stuff (I need me an on-line flash tutorial)
~ going to see a friend at lunch... and letting my toes cross and uncross...
~ FIREFLY is on tonight... and I look forward to it... pretty well more than any other show over the week.
~ that a girl I know... her name is Lisa... gets her wishes... If I could give her magic... you know, I would in a heartbeat.
~ that chrissmari stops at becoming british... I mean, next thing you know she'll go to france and become parisian... you know... a complainer
~ to send some "just because" vibes to one of Carolinas finest imports... stay healthy no1topaz
~ for the moments that make today become yesterday to be made from small pieces of love for sneetches
~ to thank my actually british (versus some Philadelphian import) friend knightsdawn for the link noted below!!
~ to welcome dear auntyadele home from the land of white rooms and doctors... :D
~ and lastly... a few moments of wish... moments of hope... and moments of lj love'en gone mad... for the Traffic Chick... :)

[ :: time to bitch slap a christian :: ]
~ you've got to admit... that's about as misguided as a person can get, when it comes down to sowing* the seeds of a religious agenda.

K... gotta go be mr. worker bee... see ya. :D

* you digging the proper use of sow (versus sew) here?
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Having children...

After great thought and careful consideration,
I can call forth a three year old memory of my own.

I might get it wrong... or be somewhat out of time.
Three years is a moment in my life, easily confused with the others.

Having children changes the fabric of time.

It compresses into such manageable parts,
and lays itself bare to your wonder.

In a heartbeat, I am transported
to any moment in the last eight years.

I can see each event in lives of my boys,
as clearly as the how-tall-am-I? lines on the kitchen wall.

Three years ago there was a toddler and a little boy.
A world of changes in each year... let alone all three.

It's easy to see the days of their lives... and line them up.
Three years is half of a lifetime, each distinct and memorable.