February 8th, 2004


Sunday, February 8

Well it's cold like you can't believe outside... Sunny as all get out, but that's buying you nothing in the land of ice and snow.
We had a busy day (whatelseisnew) on Saturday... shopping and playing in the snow and doing our best to tire out the little ones.
Delicious ribs for dinner and Under A Tuscan Sun for dessert... although it was a rather late dessert. :)
ps. my fingers are so cold they hurt... I must do something about this.

I read something this morning that distresses me ... but it's one of those double edge swords... say to much and you just move it along.
Suffice it to say... I'm here... doing my thing with my journal because it gives me pleasure. I will never understand why people read it, unless I elect to conclude that they do for the same reasons I read other peoples journals... and that's good 'nuf for me. What ever the reasons are, I do this for me and damn the torpedoes.... I have no regrets and nothing to be ashamed of... and all the yapping in the world of insignificant bugs that talk from the safety of anonymous posts will do nothing to change that. (ps. that's my way of saying "bite me"... ok)

~ black ftls
~ pj pants
~ 6 year old sweat shirt
~ and a smile... it's a good day. :D
~ brrrr... to do something about being freeeezing!
~ TKD this afternoon... and it's getting goofy... Ed's at 1:00, Suz and Geo at 2:00 and I'm at 3:00... makes for a weird day of shuttling around.
~ freaking Alias is - once again - NOT ON... bah! This is what makes me sick of awards shows...
~ going to Future Shop and laying down the word of GAH!... My camera is supposed to be back today... if it's not... fire and brimstone baby... :D
~ dinner at my moms house...
~ watch American Splendor tonight.
~ congrats to Dooce... www.dooce.com and her new baby...
~ sending some warm vibes to a strong girl who made some hard choices but seems to be remarkably together... even if she can't escape from Gilligan’s Island.
~ that Kebo... the main squeeze in the world of alachicky finds some relief from that ear issue.
~ and that my friend katy_kate negotiates her way through military medical to some relief of her own.
~ ... and a big bit of congratulations out to pixiecup & ofsilence on the occasion of their anniversary... a destination hard won with both of your efforts! I'm very happy for you both. :D

Happy belated Birthday to flightyone... you've had a looooong year sugar... and I sincerely hope this new year of yours gives back a little of the emotional effort you've put into getting this far with your world.

also, I'm a bit late with the Happy Birthday wishes to my very good and long time friend frostbyteCaptain Frosty (er...frostbyte). Lord knows I try to affect a Fargo accent at least twice a week and I think of you every time I do it... :) Have a great year bro and may the roses continue to bloom throughout your world.

And a very special Happy Birthday to darl'en Alice... or Angry Alice as I used to call her... :) sixtyten has been one of a pair of friends I made in journal land a'way way back at the beginning... and I have been so fortunate to keep some contact with you sugar!!! Have a great year... find a goal... chew it up and then find a new one... Time is on your side...

see y'all later... :)

(no subject)

"Hi... I'm here to pick up my camera. I was told it would be ready today."
"okay... lemmi check..."
tick tick tick tick
... ding.
Camera's not in.
Camera's not in stock.
Camera's not actually being sold... they stopped that model.

ahhh... an den?

Please review the cameras at the WALL OF CAMERAS and select a comparable one.


Picked the one they wanted me to pick... they started getting all "pay the difference" on me about wanting the kick ass wicked cameras... go figure. :D

Problem. Old camera was a compact flash card read'en camera... We bough CF cards and CF card readers...
Solution: "Oh... um... well you can bring in your CF cards and readers and we'll exchange them for Secure Digital cards and readers".