February 5th, 2004


Thursday, February 5

[ :: yeah... so we smiled and tried to look nice too.... :: ]

I love that he digs ham'en it up with me...

Have you ever been driving along the highway ... and looked over at some guy in another car and watched him through his head back... mouth wide wide open and then thrash about for a bit? no? oh... (see wearing below)

There are days when I feel as though I could step out of a Total Perspective Vortex and be absolutely Beeblebrox'ian about the whole thing... and others when I know I'd just about melt into a primordial blob. The trick, I'm thinking is to avoid the blob days in favour of the Beeble thing.. even if you have to slip into something like an iron mask to get there... because the world will judge you in the first 2 seconds of an encounter and you can never get to the heart in 2 seconds... not when the lights are on.

On a not related but slightly cool note: [ :: this :: ] say's that there is a new rendering of The Hitchhiker's Guide being filmed... :D :D :D

~ blue ftls
~ beige p-z kinda cargos... with a coffee stain on the thigh... a moment of joy as I drove to work... lemmi tell ya... !!!!
~ beige t hiding under a blue bluenotes sweater with big red stripe across the chest*.
~ bang hard on the project... I have another show and tell tomorrow but it's a big one.
~ SURVIVOR TONIGHT !!!! < ----- pay attention ... if you're a fan..
~ I could get a grip on the irony that I face sometimes in There.com. But I can't. It defies me... and almost taunts me.
~ that my running-girl... raylenetaskoski can make a good go of the home-school... from what I've read... it's a big job.
~ oh and my heart goes out to dear zen2475... a dead TV is a time for serious mourning... will there be a funeral?
~ the gods and goddesses smile on new mommy Shann ectv and rescue her from her migraine
~ that my bud christowang is not actually getting sick... and if it's too late... then I hope ya get bedder
~ congrats Suzanne... (lakme) It's been a long road... and you've earned every moment of grace that a six year anniversary gives you. :D

I was watching ... well... [ :: this :: ] and I'm just say'en... I know know how to spell weeeoooowww (which is basically what ... like a big rock star ... would say just before the blistering guitar takes over... (link ganked from christowang) :D

Happy Birthday...
~ a belated HB out to bbarbie but seeing as you were last here in August... I'm guessing you'll miss this... :D
~ Big up loaded with happy to towanda... you are always a surprise sugar... may you have a wonderful year.
~ and a happy birthday to a long lost friend from the very beginning of my lj thing... miss shoo shoo ... shoo. I hope you and your family are well and enjoy a year of good fortune and great friends...

* [ :: chest :: ] : typed it... then it lost all meaning... I didn't recognize the word... I knew what I wanted to say... I was saying it out loud... but the spelling... just seemed totally foreign... I had to go to m-w just to confirm that the word existed... freak. Way too many chemicals in high school I suppose...

okidoki... gotta jet... Have a fab day yo... :D

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geek question:
Am I forgetting something regarding limitations on Pentium 2 motherboards?
I am at my wits end making a p2-400 board/chip recognize an 80 gig maxtor drive....