February 4th, 2004


Wednesday, Feb 4.

WTF? Scout boy attacks... or See The White Boy Scissor His Head... I dunno.. .it was way early so fogeddaboudit.

See that card? That's ma very first Happy Birfday card... :)
Thank you Misha... you are so very kind to keep me in your thoughts like that... :D

Up at the asscrack of the day and bang-zoom off to the lovely, but very snowy town of Arnprior for a the pre-op meeting to sign stuff and be reminded to not eat or drink anything blah blah blah before the operation. They get me at 9:am on Feb 16. and send me home later that day... so no sleeping on plastic sheets for moi. :D (and yeah, that's like 2 days before my birthday... so wohoo... ) I plan on watching an absurd number of movies while I obey my doc and stay put for two weeks...

There are one thousand ChiChi (KFC China) restaurants in China... and they are culling millions (MILLIONS) of chickens over there to stop the Avian Flu freak-out. Maybe they can put those 10 special herbs and spices on something else for a while.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ p-z t with a big warm sweater!
~ messen around with some cracker files... careful there tiger...
~ on putting a link to my amazon wish list on my web site... why? because I was told to... so shuush!!
~ more on the REP (work project)
~ tonight? to totally enjoy myself. why? because resistance is futile...
~ to extend a little congrats moment to my friend bramey...
~ to thank knightsdawn for selecting today’s post music... I can just hear this falco dude saying dorky things about monkeys and I bet he looks gay in black tights... in fact... he might look absolutely FAG like... :) bwaahahahaa... oh man, I kill me...
~ to welcome tonya to her second trimester... :D
~ and some thanks to my sugar mysticchyna for making me think this morning.

... A friend had me thinking about youth, youth crime and their potential treatment as adults by the law. I'm all for the notion of "every case is unique" hence the treatment of a teen as an adult by the court system is something that is "to be determined" but the facts of a given case. However, it got me thinking about the other night when I went sledding with the boys... We went to a really BIG hill at the local sports complex (indoor hockey rinks etc) ... they have lights at night so the hill is well lit. It was cold night and there were only a handful of folks there. Several kids with their snowboards falling down the hill (LOL) and, notably, these two kids at the bottom, sorta "in the way of sledders reaching the bottom". They kept fighting with each other... maybe 13 years old... and acting out some big fight scenario... honestly at some points I wasn't sure if they were serious while at others it seemed pretty transparent they were playing "fight club for kids". The thing is... they were in the way... you do not want to run into someone when your blasting past on a sled... let alone, purposely dump to avoid hitting them. The first time I broke my leg (grade 8) was doing exactly that on snow skies. So as we trudged past those two boys with our sleds... me, George and Edward... I said "yo... guys... I know you're having fun but move it over a bit ... you're totally in the way here..." and I wasn't all soft and sweet about it but I wasn't a shit either. And this one kid turns to me with a look of utter fucking death in his eyes... I swear he looked like he was about to shoot me and wanted to dance on my dead self. I called him out on it saying "geezus kid... drop the tough guy... I just asked you to move over a bit... take a pill." and moved on. They continued their never-ending brawl off to the side... but I did go on to wonder about kids and guns, knives, etc. He was only 4 feet tall and weighed like 80 lbs... but he could kill my ass with a gun as quick as any mercenary... When I looked at him I didn't see a troubled youth that needs society to hold his hand and lead to the path of righteousness... I saw a hood ... and I knew plenty of his type when I was in high school... and I went to a tough, nasty high school populated by over-indulged kids from a range of family and financial backgrounds. If that kid shot me... or worse, missed me and hit one of my kids... I'd want to kill his ass on the spot... and I don't think I'd want to see him go to juvi for a year... I'd want adult sentencing. Bad apples ... are bad apples.
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~ printing out several journal entries from a friend... she and her husband travelled to Russia to adopt a wee one... it's a wonderful story...
~ buying blueberries... high school fund raiser sells large volume format packages of fresh frozen bb's... the little ones... :D We divide them up among local family... my mom, etc... and we're all in blueberry muffins and pancakes for the rest of the year...
~ enjoying the newest of the new from the people that bring you photoshop ... and the people who make dreamweaver... ahhh... new software... weeeee
~ wanting the kids to go to bed... so I can really get focused on being an indulgent slob...
~ feeling a wee bit excited about monday... but I must learn to not count chickens before they hatch, let alone get hopes too high lest the be false...
~ there are several piles of clean clothes in my world... that desperately need folding before they become permenently creased in the shape of crumpled paper.

see ya. :D