February 1st, 2004


Sunday, February 1

It's February!!!! Already! sheesh... time is flying by in our world.

We had a busy day yesterday... I forced Z to take it uber easy to try and get a little better... day-time cold caps helped too... I cleaned... I crock-pot cooked (a big ol'roast) and I shopped for various things...

Oh, there's this cable you use to connect a Game Boy Advanced to a Game Cube.. (we got the cable yesterday)... and in Zelda (Kids fav game) you can be in the game on the cube and "click" to activate your game boy to serve as a remote "hint" system... with game info and stuff... it even interacts with the game cube screen on the tv... TRES COOL!!!!... and, as I can totally understand, Geo is over the moon with the coolness of it. :D

We had Suzannes side of the family tree over for an Edward Birthday Dinner... it was really very nice.
Geo put on his magic show...

[ :: and a very appreciative and attentive audience was on hand :: ]
Edward had another harry potter cake... (his request) ... this one from the store - looked great... tasted like a petroleum product... :p

~ sunday's best!!!
~ pj pants and a gap hoodie.
~ fork around with my SIL's computer and try and make it work...
~ taekwondo this aft... Ed's not doing today... too much the "boy with a cold".
~ SURVIVOR TONIGHT... :D <--- and don't forget!!!
~ oh I've loads of wishes today... I mean, besides wishing I could go back and firewire upload a day of lj into my brain, but Saturdays are pretty much lost days...
~ I do hope that things are holding together for my friend duhneese...
~ and I wanted to thank lil_sass for really being an interesting read and a good friend...
~ that my forever-friend teaser is enjoying Survivor... (hugs, btw... extra hugs)
~ and big congrats to the official "girl with moxy"... er.. .that would be tassy!!
~ a wee happy birthday message out to Fiona... that little angle in occipitaldruid's world...
~ and many hopeful moments of wishing for all things with your hubby to be safe and sound topazgrrl

My friend, auntyadele is not out of the woods yet... but there has been some positive news. Things are still so very "up in the air" but her husband is very upbeat and we all remain very hopeful.

gah!! I just went down for a coffee refill and noticed... er... little red spots on the stairs... Spots you cannot see at night... which was when Edward came down holding his face and saying "daaaaaaaaad! I've got a bloody nose".... like an hour after going to bed... He's got a tender spot in there... from a fall as a baby and now he gets a nose bleed every so often... I don't know about the relationship between that fall the nose bleeds... but ...whatever. He'll be all... "I wasn't picking!!!" (with great animation) while one finger on his hand is absolutely caked in dried blood... hahahaha....

Ok... time to get busy ... supposed to be a nice'ish day out today... so I gotta figure a way to get the boys outside and breath some fresh air... Sick or not, fresh air does a body a world of good.

See you later muchachos y muchachas... and be nice.

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Sundays just seem to vanish.

Took parts back to Future Shop that I was all proud of myself for getting on Friday.... zoomed from work to FS to buy stuff out of the "flyer sale" (I'm normally too late and there's nothing left)... only to find it's all crap and doesn't work. bah!

TKD was fun... but I had to spend the first hour cooling my jets waiting for Geo's class to end...

Now it's cooking time again. Up, clean, cook, TDK, FS, cook some more... I'm waiting for Survivor tonight... this will be a moment of saving grace for the day. :D

Oh OHOHOH... we watched Whale Rider last night... Not your fun of the mill movie... nothing blows up, nobody gets shot and absolutely not one single woman is call a cumbelchingroadwhore... and I really enjoyed the movie. That little girl... the one nomiated for an Oscar... she was amazing.
Now the BIG DEAL... is that last year, my adora-monkey friend pookfreak was traveling in New Zealand... and she sent us a post card with Maori Warriors on it... And I recognized them in the movie last night from the card. (they're notable for making this big-ass tongue OUT face as a part of their battle posture. :D) I still have that card... in fact it's on the wall beside my desk. :D

ok... later.

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we are men of action... lies do not become us

yeah, kids watching PB for a bit.. .
Cooking? Totally bailed on that... bought a pizza and now... we'z the full family. :D

I wish there was some way to watch whatever... but have a little buzzer go every time the SuperBowl goes to commercials.
Basically, that's all I'd be keen to see.

For now... it's all about relaxing...

... you know...

hey... anybody have a serial number for the Adobe Creative Suite?? (use corto_@hotmail.com)
(trying to get another one of those "new software" highs... :D)