January 30th, 2004


Survivor 8: The Pre Show!

Survivor VIII : The All Stars

The Pre-Show!!

(edit : no, you didn't miss a show... this is just a warm up!!!)

Wherein...a new season kicks off with sun, Panamanian Islands, Jeff Probst in all his glory and three teams of characters that loved being targets of my ridicule so much that they came back for more. This will either be a great load of righteous nastiness live’en large and having a blast or be pathetically boring. Remember it’s not about actually surviving... while that would be fun, I doubt CBS could withstand the issues that would come up if these guys started dying... No, it’s all about finding a balance between strength and discretion.

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Ok... so I'm a bit of a dip in the morning... :D hahahaha...

ga-day eh...

So what's the deal with LJ ??? Lj is not a happy little camp'en piece of code meat today... I'm seeing several strange errors... la di da...

My poor little Ed-ster was up in the mid of the dark time... stuffed like a red pepper at Martha Stewart's house... and sounding like a 60 year old harmonica player from the jazz circuit... poor little goob. Of course, he wont take medicine unless you staple him to the floor and pry his mouth open with a crow bar... so, needless to say, no meds... And... the fun part? Z woke up today feeling it... Seems our house has been invaded by a cold bug. This does not bode well for the huge family get together planned for tomorrow. grrrrrrrrr!

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: hmm? what? you don't say... really... oh ok then... :: ]
~ strong bad tshirt
~ denim shirt...
~ and a sweater... yo! it's frigg'en cold out there.
~ more more more... howdoyoulikeithowdoyoulikeit... hahahaha... gah! same project all week...
~ tonight? taking care of my officially sick family... (sick like with a cold)
~ cleaning up stuff in anticipation of filling the house with relatives tomorrow... (Another family thing for Ed's birthday)... did I mention the colds? gah!
~ well now... isn't that a fine thing... little miss cherripop212 is setting a fine example... er... no I mean really... damn I wish!!! :D
~ to send a few random kinda warm vibes over to haela... just 'cause...
~ that my friend, passerine manages to have a great weekend... get smiling sugar...
~ for the hands of the good doctors in Singapore to be guided by the love and wishes of auntyadele's many friends
~ to point out that southseapearl is a really wonderful journal. She showed up out of nowhere... one of those friends who has a huge list of friends and almost all of them are peeps I've never heard of... No fooling... a wonderful journal to read. :)
~ sorry kumi... you're not allowed to say "bangs" anymore... not after that American Idol kid and his she bangs audition.

Happy Birthday Kit-Kat-Girl...
Today is angryvixen's birthday...
Have a wonderful day sugar... I know you've had a great week and I hope this sets the pace for the year ahead.
With that in mind... let me point you to a [ :: lovely image that defies interpretation... :: ] I'm snagg'en this from allyn's journal... go look. Think of it as a birthday prezzi... :D

Two things...

~ Ok, I will never do this again... er... I think... but Go [ :: here :: ] and read about Belina Stronach. Bottom line? Canadians need a candidate in the races that will inspire people to pay attention... to maybe even vote... and there is so seriously nothing bad about new blood, let alone having a business savvy woman who can smile for the camera in the race. People are complaining about how the media is paying attention to what shoes she's wearing????? Dude! The media paid attention to how much drool fell out of John Crosby's mouth or what kind of sweater Mulroney was wearing... it's called "The Media" for a reason... The fact remains that we need a candidate like Belinda. Even if she doesn't win the race... she'll improve the performances of everyone else in the game. If you are even marginally politically motivated... Slap down your $10 and join the party via her web site... Those "sign ups" are the numbers that will put her in a position to make a difference. And ANYTHING is better than more of the same ol'crap from the Liberals ... (anything except the socialist monkeys that live over at the NDP).

~ I'm in such a great mood today... I really want to hold onto this vibe for the day... :D :D :D ... I love it when I feel good like this. K'mere... touch me... I'm electric. :) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap!

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on the one hand... I wish I could freebase pure caffine.
on the other... I wish I could pull off... er... bad choice of words... maybe "get away with" real black leather pants.
~ you know... the ones that make no noise when the swish together... soft, supple, comfortable, yet look drop deal killa.
Unfortunatley... no matter how fab they would feel... I am quite certain I would look like an absolute idiot in them.

oh, and I noticed LJ seems to be working... the "posts from email comments" aren't failing... phew.


Later skaters...