January 28th, 2004




~ software is ridiculously exciting to me... installing something new or a newer version of something I use is such a treat.

~ my brother is rather close to joining office-pop-corn-burning-guy in the flayed skin, vinegar bath...

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~ I just had a screen-wiping sneeze... er... hey, I said this was random.

~ self confidence is a strong motivator... the lack of it moves you and the abundance of it moves you... and neither end of that spectrum is immune to the impact of logics-last-gasp. Truly it, self confidence, is a road best traveled on it's middle. White line fever of the best kind.

~ Smile at people... and try to be genuine. You will make a world of difference in their lives and be a better person for your effort.

~ People will die going to Mars.

~ I have a PIP... and official "pip" hat bought in france by my mom for me. I wear it in cycles... forgetting all about it for long periods of time. I wore it today ... It's one of those black hats with a little brim at the front but you wear it with the brim at the back .. you know? Stopped in to buddy's office at work... his comment; "Yo!... are you late for a poetry reading?" After I stopped laughing... I made up several limericks that included rhyming couplets with his name. :D He made up one about Nantucket. It's all good.

~ my coworker, Sherry... re: the pictures earlier... read the thread under that post... she was very moved by the compliments and no-doubt appreciated the perspectives.

~ time slips away too damn fast...

Wednesday, January 28

~ is that a "keeper" or what??? hehehe... I love my boys... damn... :) :D :D :D :D

TWO HOURS!!!!!!! That would be the time chewed off the bones of my life by the drive into work today.
There is a god... and she freaking hates me!

~ besides the grimace that a two hour commute painted on me?
~ blue ftls
~ black jeans
~ icon shirt (it's a p-z shirt btw)
~ new black er... new "jet" black sweater... with a couple of horizontal stripes... and, btw, "Jet" is a black stone (thanks sugar).
~ same shit, different day... word!
~ wishing there was a new West Wing to look forward to... but alas... earwax.
~ to shoot some serious congratulations over to my very favourite Toy... and her family dailymom's hubby, the Tom-inator, scored the job!!
~ to point out to you guys that you absolutely blow me away ... the Diet thread yesterday is a fantastic example of what I love about this place. Good info... real people, talking about real life. You rock. (and Amy is almost too freaking adorable for words)
~ some serious BIG UPS to angryvixen by way of congratulations on the job zone!!!
~ if I said "ldy has really go it..." would that make sense? ...
~ for a few free turnips... but I definitely wouldn't look to jennfromtx for them... but I would go to her for some serious smiling...
~ that sweet Jess... er... that would be pixiecup gets her lil'self better...
~ for that nausea to ease up a tad... for my lil'preggers Sugar-T... Mrs tonya :D

K... two things... one deep, almost rant like... one dramatically less so;

RWANDA. Kill a billion brain cells by reading through this web site [ :: ICTR :: ]
Ok, Canadian soldiers getting blown up in Kabul... a dry, wasted, arm pit chunk of the world that can glow in the dark for all I care. On a good day I can argue in favour of globalizing the notion of peace... but those are days that I forget we are nothing more than animals that just happened to get really lucky. Tell me again why there are 5000 troops from various countries polishing their guns in Afghanistan? Because the Taliban is there? Ok... send in 50,000 gallons of napalm and fry the fuckers... NO? Not a good idea? Well how the hell is 5000 troops supposed to BRING DEMOCRACY to that butt-hole of a country? How many soldiers have died in Afghanistan? How many Afghans (wait? don't those go over the back of my sofa?) have died? How many people died on 9/11? How about in Iraq? Having some serious fun there aren't we... American boys and girls are dying on a regular basis there... but they have oil... and they apparently have an endless supply of Iraqis to add to the body count... So add all this up... How many dead? NO REALLY... HOW MANY DEAD?
K, no go back a few years... Delaire is a man... he is a Canadian... and a member of our Armed Forces. He was in Rwanda several years ago... and he put a call into the United Nations... The call went something like this "Hi... listen... these people are absolutely fucking whack... we need a massive force in here TOMORROW or there is going to be serious trouble." And the United Nations HUNG UP ON HIM telling him to "bite me" ... although they said it with a pretentious accent.
THEN THE NEXT DAY (ok, it took longer than that) EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND... say that out loud so you really get it.. .ok? 800,000 people were slaughtered ... and I'm not talking bombs and automatic weapons... I'm talking "hacked" here... Did the UN ever lift a peace keeping finger? No... there's just not enough oil in Rwanda to actually give a rats ass about them. Oh and Delair just wrapped up testimony at the tribunal... where the CRAZY BASTARDS are being defended by lawyers that argue there was no genocide... it was just a little internal struggle... eight hundred thousand men women and children.
Yessireee... we're all doing a wonderful job of being a global law enforcement agency.

Now, something a wee bit lighter...
A friend pointed me to a bizarre web today... The Shoe Project... dare ya... (Ok, so it's not like painfully exciting... but hey... beats eating bugs)
My submission to [ :: The Shoe Project :: ]

[ :: my IKEA slippers :: ]
Toes complaining,
Curled against the inevitable.
Lonely slipper, left behind.
Non slip soles...
with a non-stick soul.

See ya on the flip yo.


On Brothers...

~ when Geo was going through the first moments of
school they would have "show and tell" and then, later,
"presentations"... and he would be so excited by the prospects.
The consummate ham, he would really get into it... he even - and
I cannot stress how mortified we were - told us, the day before
auditions, that he had decided to Karaoke (sp?) the song
"Blue" by Eiffel-whatever... sweet mercy... he new like the
first two lines... but he never-the-less, tried out (and wasn't picked)...
but he never skipped a beat.

~ Now Edward is beginning... he had show and tell stuff last year...
It was a halting and rather quiet affair by the accounts Z gives me...
(suzanne has been a regular volunteer at the school since the kids started...)
Yesterday he did his first presentation. He was to present a "book"
from the bedtime repertoire... He chose "No Carrot For Harry" ...
The night before, after z had put some time in the day previous,
it was my turn to re-read the book with him and get him to rehearse.
He ever so quietly - note: EDWARD IS NEVER QUIET - slinked over
to me and whispered that he was afraid (and I could see that the proper
word was "terrified" of doing this... "people will laugh!" is the issue.
Geo was all over trying to assure him that the other kids would only be
laughing at the book, not at him. It was a long day yesterday, waiting for feedback...
and I was so wonderfully pleased to hear that he rose to the occasion...
had, in fact, done rather well.

The differences between these boys are immense.
The things that make them brothers are larger still.

ps. We're friends right? I don't ask all y'all to do much.
In fact, it's a rare day indeed that I ask you do to anything.

I want you to do something... and it's easy...
auntyadele is a wonderful friend...
We've shared journal space for years!!
She lives in Singapore with her husband and little darling children.
[ :: Here is a recent post with a picture of her kids :: ]

Her husband (joe) made her most recent post...
She's had to go into the hospital for something...
And I really want you to zing over to [ :: this post :: ] and just post a couple of encouraging words.
Joe's going to print 'em all out and bring them to her in the hospital.
It'll only take a second...
Lj's working properly,
the posts are public
and Adele is a remarkably sweet and kind woman.
She deserves just a few moments... :D

Thank you in advance...
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