January 24th, 2004



ni ni lj...

A while ago... some friends did some pretty cool things for me....
They loaded me up with paid time on Lj
Months and Years!! I was wow'ed over the edge.

I've never, however, found out who gave me the
anonymous year of lj or the anonymous "extra icons"...
(which I'm having a blast with btw).

If you're reading this... know that I am going to "pay it forward"
as they say... and I would love to shower you with my appreciation
so don't be shy. :D

I've had a lovely night...
pleasant conversations with the admiral...
silly games at There.com...
and generally relaxing my tired head. It's been a loooong week.

Computer free Saturday is about to happen... so I'll see you on Sunday.
Between now and then... there will be much house cleaning, skating,
cooking, and maybe some baking... :)

Have a great Saturday. :D