January 23rd, 2004


tgif yo.

I dunno? what was I thinking when I snapped this? "look ma, no hands"?? gah... you sick of these pictures yet?

Welcome to Friday!!! Wohoo... :D My littlest guy has his kiddie birthday party (at McDeaths) this weekend. :) He's turning 6 ... six years ago.. god!
It was just yesterday that he was [ :: this little baby... :: ]
happy daddy schmoopy moment here...

My server was having it's weekly pppoe heart attack last night... I'm blaming my router... (piece of crap "ovis link"). So the image I was posting of the family portrait may have been ... well, not loading.
[ :: This is the larger animated gif of the family portrait :: ]
The rest of that is in the post from last night... :)

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans... man, as much as dressing nice is fun... jeans just make me [ :: happy :: ].
~ b.u.m. equip t shirt and my uber warm sweater... it's like minus 34 out there yo!
~ to finish reusable engagement package number 1 today... :D
~ tonight? no idea... dinner needs to be something good though... I'm thinking pizza.
~ that little miss messy (er, that's no1topaz) finds all the glass tonight...
~ for the strength of the gods to hang in with my dear friend nordicgrrl while her little guy has his operation today.
~ to congratulate Sugar-Ray (raylenetaskoski) on the firehouse deal... it's a fine thing to be doing...
~ and spaimy ... mercy...
~ dude!!!! aristophren needs to watch out for lightening strikes today... :) :D hahahahaa...
~ do you know midnighthour? He's a jersey boy... and if you're jonsing for some new adds... check my bro... :D
~ the very best to my sweet "about to be a mommy" friend ectv... good luck today Shann-shazam...

Here's a thought...
When you assume the moral quality of others...
you are downloading responsibility, and avoiding judgment.
Aids testing for surgeons seems like a great idea until you ask yourself who is taking the greater risk.
Does the patient assume the same moral responsibility to be tested before a team of professionals that dedicate their lives to saving others start playing in your splashing blood?
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