January 22nd, 2004


great day for corto... bad day for journalists...

Howdy howdy howdy... look... I'm woody.
er... yeah, so... you had to be there.

Ok... it's a new day... the sun is not shining... but that's really not my problem...
I'm in the happy zone and you should drop everything and join me.
There sure are some incredible people out here in journal land...
I've been doing this for freaking ever and, yeah, it goes in cycles
but I'm really being pumped by my journal buddies lately... :D

Oh, and there's this girl... just a wee little thing... (I think she's like six and half feet tall...)
that makes me laugh pretty well every morning... and today is no exception. :)
Thanks Traffic Chick... (amyaustin)

All this talk about the Chinese New Year... Gong Xi Fa Cai yo!!!! and you know what? Today is tomorrow for the people in the world that celebrate this nationally... so yer all a day late!!! Damn monkeys... :D You know monkeys are notable in this context for their smarts, and pacifism... clearly there are no monkeys in the white house... bwaahahaha... ok ok ... fine... it's just my own kind of tourettes showing through...

~ black stripee ftls
~ blue jeans... yeah, I know... thursday... but it's a Yeah-So-What? kinda day. :D
~ jet black t-shirt (that is, indeed just a black shirt, but you know it's kinda cool to say "jet black" - ps. wtf? is black about jets?)
~ christmas gift sweater... jet black (weeeeee) with red, et al, stripes across the chest... (love it big time)
~ take over the world...
~ sell it some rich guy
~ use the money to live a sedentary, opulent, and lavish lifestyle... somebody peel me a grape...
~ oh... I'm awake? drat...
~ work on a buss load of documents for a project... "so you wanna do an ITIL Assessment?"
~ tonight? um... er... well... oh, dinner at my moms... :D
~ that my lil'Ginger (ginger_g) gets some kind of a break... sounds like work is one big reason to swear at old people and scare kids....
~ to send a big Hi, Hello, Beunos Dias, Cameran Diaz and Holla out to knightsdawn that groove station brazillian footballer...
~ I could hold a sign out the window of this building that read "kumi-snazzer is the best" (that’s kumi) and get a picture of it... :D
~ and, um... berraq... [ :: geezus!!! :: ]
~ for some kind of good vibe and good fortune to have found it's way to colorado and snuggled up to my friend dailymom
~ um... how adorable is nbbmom??? :D :D
~ A.-T.-T.-I.-C. hahahaha... thanks sugar-sneech.

// seriously now...
[ :: this is a really important issue :: ] As with absolutely everything these days... we don't actually know shit... but there is no denying the truth... Canada passed an amendment to the old official secrets act in its new form after the 9/11 deal that makes it AN ACT OF TERRORISM TO HAVE INFORMATION IN YOUR HEAD... and I'm putting a very Orwellian spin on it, but the simple fact is that a journalist working the story of Arar received whistle blowing scoop info from a "source" and now she... THE JOURNALIST, NOT THE SOURCE is facing 14 years in jail for possessing this information. The case of Arar is the one about the Canadian that was shipped to Syria by US officials at a New York airport to enjoy a few months of crazy torture - and don't believe everything you hear now that both the US and the Canadian governments are facing legal charges regarding this... everybody is in cover-your-totalitarian-ass mode.
Dude... I'm talking about the feds (RCMP) raiding her house and office... a Journalist... and confiscating everything... AND (the best part) the avadavat that was used to get the search warrants was sealed by the courts... so, basically, she doesn't know shit about what's going on.
Put yourself in her shoes for a second... Ding Dong at 8:00 am by 10 burly plain clothes cops that flood your house to search it out... and your office, btw, simultaneously, and they don't have to tell her why? or what they want ... Man....
This is some very serious shit guys... and this will dominate journalism forums for a long time.
// done... kthanks.
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[ :: This is totally out-there... :: ]

I was surprised by the relationships between the musicians... maybe I'm just transparent when it comes to my fav music. But put in Garbage and I pretty well own everything in the halo that comes up ... except wacko jacko... never actually owned anything by him... er.. .even outside the halo... like Tracy Bonham etc... :D

Really neat.

Thanks pixiecup...


Ok... on another note... I think I've hit the wall again.
I'm so drastically wiped out that I can get motivated to work on any of the zillion projects that are waiting for my attention.

Bed is officially coming around the next corner...
Smart money says I'm asleep by 11:30.

ni ni.. .:D

family p...

I'm getting some pictures ready to add to my moms web site...
( Josie's Watercolour Web )

and came across a series of images taken near christmas of my family trying to get ready for a family portrait

so... I thought I'd share... :D

Click this small version to open a larger version of the animation...

[ :: and this is the no flash final, but seriously smaller than the original :: ]


ps. of course, I'm always the guy that runs back to the group and sits in the front after setting the camera timer... :D

pps. ok, now I'm going to bed... see ya. :D