January 21st, 2004



You cannot believe how much I require an attitude adjustment. I woke on all kinds of the wrong side today...
[ :: this would be a more accurate representation of my feelings :: ]
~ fortunately, Edward woke up when I came out of the closet* and wanted some hugs... That always helps... doesn't matter what's wrong... kiddie hugs fix most things up just fine. I even managed to get a RARE morning picture with the little guy.

Yesterday was Tuesday... that means Edward got to play Warcraft yesterday... Yuppers... that's one week under our belts with the new-rules in place... Warcraft ONE DAY PER WEEK.

~ green ftls
~ dark blue (but in need of replacement) dockers
~ gray t
~ big comfy sweater/turtleneck thing...
~ more writing for the project... even get to squeeze a visio chart out... fun eh...
~ going to a sorta social thing after work with people from my old company... Pre-Buy-Out... it'll be nice to see what people are up to... hmmm?
~ tonight? West Wing...
~ to toss a couple of rose petals over to razzberee... just 'cause she's so purty... :)
~ that my sweet friend arlyn doesn't let the day steal any smiles...
~ to do a little cheering thing for rini... just 'cause... :)
~ it was less complicated... everything...

Why do women only see their noses when they look at pictures of themselves?
Let alone think that everybody else only sees their nose.
She (the generic "she") could have a Elvis spray painted on her naked chest and would still think people are looking at her nose... and I swear to heaven and back... this isn't about you... (whoever happens to be saying "who? me?" right now...) It's just that this keeps coming up... I see a picture of a friend in her journal and her comment will be... "wow... look at my nose..." :D (giggle) Believe me... there’s a dramatically better chance that whoever is looking at the pictures is quietly sighing about how pretty you are.

Ok... just to be clear... George Bush will be the guy that all y'all will wish you could go back in time and KILL when you're older. You know that don't you? I'm not advocating murder or crime or vigilantism or any such thing... but that man is so seriously whacked out that I fear there will not be a day in the rest of my life that people do not lament the fact of his birth.

If you re-elect him... you are all insane. Daffy Duck on Crack would be a better president and you know it.

oh... and how’s that Road To Peace shaping up in the middle east?

* yeah, just stop it... I dress in the w.i.c. and emerge... dork.
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Miss You

These little words
feed your imagination
and strengthen your heart.

If the days stretch into weeks,
when existing overpowers living,
words can unshackle the bonds.

We are all the same.
Never so far from alive
that care cannot raise hope.