January 16th, 2004


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~ luc, read your mail!

~ I got a call-message from the doc today, asking me to call back and make an appointment to come next week and discuss the results of the ultrasounds. Voice on phone said, not urgent. Seems promising... more on that as I get it.

~ Friends and FireFly tapes are waiting for me ... :D

~ Had "dinner and a hair cut" at my folks house tonight... other than a handful of circumstancial-cuts, I'm almost 42 and my mommy has always cut my hair.

~ The responses to the "web site" poll comments are great... got a few good ideas from that... (translation: dozens of hours of geekiness to entertain myself with as I try to figure out a cool way to do some new things... ) Thank you for taking the time to comment in that [ :: poll :: ].

~ K, a 37 year old woman, the Big Cheese of Magna Corp (autoparts, I think) is going to run for the leadership of the Canadian Federal Conservative party. Canada has, in theory, a three party system... New Democrates (the "socialist leaning" party... big on labour unions and spending money nobody has), The Liberals (marginally compared to right leaning Democrats), and The Conservatives (marginally compared to left leaning Republican). The Liberals have been calling the shots for a while... When the conservatives last had the federal handle bars the went down in flames ... no, seriously. Like "non party status" style flames. There's been other bit players, including a bunch of yahoos called the Aliance (and do not get me started on their homophobic, rights tromping, red neck, violent, taxing, psycho freak policies). But the bit players don't count. Anyways, this woman... (the cover of the [ :: Ottawa Sun :: ] has a picture of her... and a story about her but that link will die overnight as they re-issue their paper. She has no political experience and did a single year of university. And I just don't care... If she won the leadership role, it just might give people something to pay attention to and vote for something besides Liberal... (lying bastards) or Union Ball Lickers (NDP). We so badly need a shake up. It's been a one party system for wayyyyyy to long.

~ and I should stop ... write too much and nobody reads it... :)


This song is like a drug for me... just say'en. :D

I got up at 7:05 with the alarm clock... (shut-up Kimberly!!!) and walked over and shut-it-off. Z made a sleepy protest but I assured her I had it in control... (and I did, btw). Then I got back in bed and kinda slipped in and out of bliss till 7:40. ahhhh... Then I got my little guy up and took care of business... came back to tell Z to sneak downstairs and have some coffee and get little guy on the bus while I showered. :) I just woke up with a killer good vibe inside. It's still there... or "here" depending on how you look at it. I plan to milk this vibe... it's such a waist to let it come and go without really grabbing it and letting a good vibe affect you.

~ blue ftls
~ unbelievably comfortable jeans... [ :: and yeah, I'm still being a dork about fridays :: ]
~ strong bad tshirt and a my bluenotes "red stripe" sweater...
~ a bunch of actual work (gasp) to make next week just a wee bit less of a hassle. :D
~ working on some html stuff... :) (makes me happy yo... it's like a drug)
~ enjoying this day... enjoying it and taking absolutely no hostages...
~ to point out that it's really not possible to be the "weird one" when the people passing judgement are so distantly removed from reality that they see happiness as a failure. Not saying who I'm talking to... but you're out there... and very far away.
~ to send you a great big freaking laugh... go to amyaustin's page... and look at her morning post... for the picture... (read the text about it).. then wipe the spit off your monitor... hahahahaha...
~ that we get to visit with our friends luker and reens and see their little monster, Daniel, this weekend. :)
~ we would all lean hard on lil'miss singing sensation nordicgrrl and get her to make a tape of that Thursday Night fun she keeps having... :)
~ I could hand out angle wings... I have a friend that just waved as the car door closed on the process of giving up her week old baby girl to adoptive parents. You simply cannot imagine how earth shatteringly emotional I get about this... my best friends adopted a baby boy four years ago... and I've never met more loving parents... and when I think of how they bless the birth mother ever day of their lives... it just makes me wanna spend days hugging this friend that had the unbelievable power to do what she did... (er, I literally just busted up in tears trying to write that... gah...)

All those spelling nazi's out there ... ready to pounce... and people still got away with adding a bunch of hip talk to the lexicon that included o's following multiple z's... Personally, I think people should be publically flogged for saying anything remotely like that shizzo with your bizzo scrap... I hearby pledge to use two s's in buss for the rest of my life or until I read about a public humiliation for the the o following multiple z's thing. Oh, and it would be nice if the number of o's in words like groom was totally optional.. I mean, there are clearly good times to refer to the guy as a grooooooooooom!

I know that's not gonna fly... Spelling Nazi'ism is beat into some people in grade school and they can never escape it... they follow bad spellers around like "lLivin' Lovin' Maid " follows "whole lotta love".... as in, it's just the way of it.

(and yes TankGirl... I caught it... :D)

Anyways... have a great day yo... make some part of it an adventure... and growl like a pirate when nobodies looking... (it feels good... I promise)

Later muchachos y muchachas...

(lol... yup, I was pay'en attention).
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