January 15th, 2004




~ I've caught dotcombabe's eye twitch... How do you spell "drive me nuts"? e-y-e-t-w-i-t-c-h

~ West Wing got me. (sniff)

~ actually made the conscious decision to not watch celebrity mole... just in case I liked it... 'cause I just wont have the time... (still hoping Amazing Race shows up)

~ Future Shop, extended - paid for it - warranty. Every conceivable thing is covered. I broke a wee plastic tab on my dig camera. Took it in for warranty service. "no problem sir... 30 days guaranteed return from the date it gets to our Toronto depot." "but it's almost christmas... I need a camera" "no problem, just buy one and return it... 14 day - not 30 - no questions asked return policy... just remember to return it and, if you could, buy and open box camera."
So far so good. Bought awesome camera, Dec 23... the day I brought in the pentax for service. Returned cool camera on Jan 4. Decided to do without until camera comes home. Called to check today... Seems the camera arrived at the Toronto Depot ... on January 8. Fuckers. I'm buying another awesome camera tomorrow.

~ George, Edward and I "danced like egyptians" around the kitchen while consuming original flavour crispers at snack time tonight... (hey, I said this was random!)

~ just say'en... right now? my nails are frigging perfect. why do i care? I'm the poster boy for the "after the 12 step program" nail biters association. "Hi, my name is corto... I haven't taken a bite of my fingernails for 7 years. Is there coffee tonight?"

~ loads more to say... but sometimes quiet is good too, and it's way too late to say "I'll keep this short..."


Yeah...so, woke up and the first words from my mouth were "shit... Ok... It's Thursday, it's pizza day... so we don't have to make his lunch... WE CAN DO IT!".
It was busy being 8:02 am and Geo's bus comes at 8:20. frigg'en lovely. :D

Hahahaha... I feel so bad for the little guy when we have to speed through the morning like our collective asses are on fire.

~ gray ftls
~ p-z kinda cargos, very light beige
~ dk beige t shirt from an HP World conference in SF forever ago...
~ uber comfy p-z sweater-turtleneck thing... and yeah, I'm a p-z poster today... sue me...
~ to start writing a series of REPs (Reusable Engagement Packages) for doing ITIL Assessments... fun.
~ do an excellent job of pretending to be awake.
~ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
~ well, that I went to bed a tad bit earlier last night...
~ I could do "bald"... afraid my odd shaped skull would be a bit off... but still...
~ to point out that the oddly named bro, keefriffards is the shit. :)
~ and that dpaul007 had the best idea in forever...
~ to welcome home my friend sleep_walker... a little earlier than expected but happily so.
~ that my friend icicle would know that I know that pain, yours... not his.
~ and to welcome another friend from very far away Turkey... Hello lil berraq (I LOVE that I'm meeting people from so very far away)

In a bit of a rush today... so just a couple of thoughts;

~ Dr. Death hung himself in his jail cell... (we're talking England here). Of course, the fact that his only cell furnishings were a chair, a rope and ceiling hook had nothing to do with this tragedy!!
~ Billy Idol fucking rocks... I mean... who can't help "sneeeering" when they sing along with White Wedding.

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