January 14th, 2004



K... so on a normal drive to work in poor weather the radio will chime in with warnings about driving safe and where not-to-go to avoid the 3 - 6 accidents that are current. This morning they were talking about the forty ... THAT'S 40 accidents and suggesting that you might as well just not go anywhere... Do you grok "Black Ice"??? it's not a firewall yo... it's a basically frozen concrete. Imagine driving along the road and suddenly the entire area becomes a hockey rink. My wallet, let alone my life flashed before my eyes a couple a times on the way to work. I had to purposely speed up and lane change to avoid the car that was spinning towards me in my rear view mirror... warry warry scarry yo. I passed three comprehensive accident scenes, fat with fire trucks, ambulances and EMPs everywhere... Imagine how many peoples lives were messed up this morning... just because they tried to get to work.

Now the good news is I managed to get here in one piece and let myself enjoy the VERY slow drive (hour and half commute) by staying in the fast lane (hahaha fast... bah!) and looking at the faces of the drivers heading the other direction in their slow moving "fast lane". I could read so many of those faces... impatience, distraction, happiness, loneliness... I assume a lot about people when I do that but why not? It's like a form of entertainment. See someone’s face and try to instantly paint a small picture of their life...

~ green ftls
~ black sorta jeans
~ dk blue b.u.m. equip shirt
~ heavy warm and wonderful sweater... blisss.....
~ cross and uncross my fingers... often.
~ do a little of that [ :: sow :: ]stuff... (p.s. m-w.com is my new best friend)
~ spend some time sorting out new deliverables at work... new project.
~ watch me some FireFly tonight.
~ to send some friendly "I'm so glad to have you back" vibes out to my sugar acoolsecretary
~ I had the bandwidth to link up all the songs that turn my heart into a bag of sixes.... (*this one for example)
~ to point out to babsie that being one's self is far easier than people often think... it's like dating... stop trying... and it usually happens.
~ a few little congratulations type squishes to indigojo on the commitment! Don't overdo it though... :D
~ that my bud, bigbull sticks to his guns and avoids exposing himself today... else he could be stuck to much more than a gun...
~ you could see how hard I was laughing as I read Get Fuzzy in amyaustin's journal this morning... everyone needs a chubby!
~ to shoot a few mad props out to elliriel... :D go you!!!
~ that kumi would write to me at corto_@hotmail.com so I can get (and this time keep) her email address...

slidepuzzlejesu (someone I don't know) posted [ :: this :: ] in the faces community... (faces) I really like that photo...

I don't know what kind of news this story makes outside of Canada... let alone in western Canada... but the freaking Warriors are in the news again. I swear... the north american indians are their own worst enemas... The headlines at [ :: CBC On-Line :: ] say the stand-off at Kanesatake ended peacefully. (Kanesatake is sort of an Indian Reserve although there is a contentious land claim that makes that a bit inaccurate). "Ended peacefully" is such a load of crap. The coles notes version of the story is this;
~ Indian community overrun by crime involving autotheft, drugs, contraband and violence.
~ grand chief chucks the on-the-take police chief and gets federal deal to bring in other native law enforcement teams to help get things sorted.
~ local crime lords - read: Warrior Tribe Mohawks - fucking burn down Grand Chiefs house, sack the police station and hold the imported Law Enforcement dudes hostage.
~ everyone gives in, more native peacekeeps show up and escort out the imported Law Enforcement dudes... set up temporary peace.
~ they agree to return to the old ways... with the mob running everything and people living in fear.
~ like they need any help being oppressed...
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