January 13th, 2004



(he is such a ham... and er... well, he comes by it honestly I suppose...)

Hiya... kinda busy morning here... :D
Of course, I'm a little displeased with Alberta right now... Seems we have a weather thing going on called and "alberta clipper"... This is a lovely clear sky that goes from said clear sky to snow-blindness, and car-shaking winds in a heartbeat... They were even being all "warning" like on the radio... Of course this translates into everybody driving at about 5 kms/hr for some strange reason... Driving from where I live to where I work at 5 kms is freaking outrageous... Fortunately... I had my new boots on so it was all good. :D

Gotta say... I'm goofy busy lately... sorry if I've been missing it... ("it" being stuff in your journals).
Priorities... but don't ever doubt the sincerity of my desire or my friendship... I'm all about loving you guys. I'm just not all about having the time right now.

~ red stripee ftls
~ hunter green dress pants (and boy-yo do I like saying "hunter green"... not really sure what it is... but I'm still enjoying saying it...)
~ kinda green collarless button up shirt
~ big comfy new beige and green-gray sweater
~ to get to work for a 9:00 meeting... and I got to work at 9:30 ... see "alberta clipper" above...
~ to sit and pay attention (a stretch for me...) in a three hour meeting... hi... I'm back...
~ drive to deliver a letter at lunch...
~ do some chair dancing... :)
~ you could be where I am for a little while... I'm in a really good mood and those are more fun to share.
~ for sweet job relief to find my friend alcestis... I feel your pain sugar...
~ that "improvement" finds my bud gravity
~ a little something easy comes along for my friend txgirlie... l
~ mad wishes for relief to Little Ian... that would be nordicgrrl's little man... :) (I know of that pain sugar... I do... )
~ for day 8 to find my treasured friend krizsa...
~ and some special love'en lj huggen stuff to my very good friend saxton... for all the very best reasons known to man or woman... This will be one of the most precious things you do in your life. And it will be ok.

Are you Catholic? (this is rhetorical... don't answer that... what you do on sunday is your business)
Just wanted to toss a little quote out there, fresh from some big hat in the land of celibate priests...
It is the opinion of the Catholic Church that a homosexual is a "Disordered person with a propensity to sin."
This was on a radio segment dealing with a Montreal Diocese that has decided to make Aids tests mandatory for new applicants.
It's well couched in their reasoning that they want full disclosure but they goofed with a quote about the test telling them about so-and-so's orientation.
Why don't they just demand that Priests be gelded at the get go...
Ok... just had to get that out.
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The IBSOP Games...

yeah... k... so you're like... a hundred years old?
and you want to drive a car... ok...
oh, and you've got one leg or some'thin?
Sure... so far so good.

Now... you want to drive 10 kms in the fast lane?
Not cool... this moves you to the final qualification round for the
International Bitch Slapping Old People Games

~ fingers furiously searching for the target lock switch...
oh... I'm not driving my F16 to day... rats.

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Happy Birthday Time!

A bit late, (*yesterday) but not forgotten... Happy Birthday t_funk... You are one of those friends with whom I have no other connections in lj... and it always seems kinda precious when a friend like that and I stick it out for so long. :D I do hope you have great year ahead and that the things you find to bring you happiness and the things that were looking for you.

Happy Birthday phej... there are just about ten years between us... and I know you feel as young as I do. Happy Birthday Jeph... I hope you find yourself in the right places at all the right times... as you step off the buss that brought you to this part of you life and look around to find what will happen next.

And shebear!!! Happy Birthday sugar... We've been together a long time now... and I hope our friendship carries on for a good long time. I hope Em and Jay bring you smiles that suprise you lips... and that this next year is made of memories that last forever!!!

Happy Birthday guys... Thanks for sharing ... ;)

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~ I was collecting up the garbage pails (had to ask z if it was pale or pail) and heard Geo sniffle from his bed. Every little emotional cell fired on all engines and I went to him asking what was wrong... and all he had done was... um, snuffle... a runny nose moment, not a tear moment. Next week, when I'm collecting up the garbage pails... I wont remember typing this... but I'll remember that sniffle and how I felt for a moment. It's not a huge deal... it's one of the million small things... but it's real. Every time your heart opens... it pushes stuff away from the doors that tend to be blocking. You are made to feel better... to feel more... It's like I had a moment of heart aerobics. (I know... a lot to say about almost nothing... :D)

~ I sorted out the recycle stuff... boots, hat, winter coat... in my garage... no gloves. About 5 minutes. My hands felt like they were gonna snap off my wrists. Holy freaking cold.

~ a friends journal kinda randomly left me more knowledgeable tonight... I like that. Thanks kaar.

~ another friends journal sucked me into a reflective and rather moving little moment of intimacy... it was kinda precious... Thanks southseapearl.

~ I've created a monster by letting the kids play WarCraft. It was fun... even the way they glommed onto the "world editor"... Imagine a 5 year old building worlds for warcraft and playing the games that fall from them... managing the entire process... and it's all memory... He can't read yet... at least, not that well... He can remember that certain letter combinations are certain words but not PAGES AND PAGES OF TEXT... and etc. And they both play it way too much. I have to slay the monster without creating world war III ... I'll get there. :D

~ I have the first epi of "Firefly" on tape... then two subsequent episodes... I've never seen any of it but my brother has been dogg'en me to watch. I want to... it's just a time thing. Maybe tomorrow night... :)

k... now I'm gonna think about bed... Not actually going there... but I'm gonna think about it for a minute.