January 12th, 2004


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So the great gods of radio ate my brain last week... er... well they ate 101.1XFM ... the alt-rock radio station in town.
It vanished overnight and became Y101.1 - inbreeding central, country and western land. The good folks at XFM flipped over to KISS105 ... an "adult rock" station.
The jury is still out.

It's the Summit Of The Americas... way down in Monterey (Mexico)...
You know... the place that "some stupid with a flair gun" burned to the ground ever so long ago...
at least according to Deep Purple.
So... our new Canadian Prime Minister (Paul Martin) is making his first main-line appearance as a head-of-state.
Like all politicians, he's got sound bites following him around ripe with words of support for the Health and Education of the population, freedom from misery for the disenfranchised and equality overall.
Like all politicians (at least around here) he will go and suck George Bushes cock for the next two days.
He may do it in a back room, or he may do it on stage... we can just hope he doesn't have a cigar tube or a red dress.
All those things MEN get elected for saying... the things they forget about... need to find their way back to center stage.
I'm not talking about bleeding heart liberalism or tree hugging or whale humping...
But a little truth in government would be nice for a change.
Maybe some attention to the men and women inside our country and the future that is being carved out for them.
How many of you have bought into the notion of Free Trade? Do you think it's a good thing?
Do you think there is any point to it beyond American corporate self interest?
How’s the view inside that rectum where you keep your head?

Clearly we need wanking big - it will never actually work - missile defense system because that's more important than the number of kids in a grade three class room.
Killing a few astronauts on Mars is way more fun than actually paying teachers a decent salary or getting clean water to our homes.
... and don't even start with me about equal rights in our liberal democracy. Maybe if Brattney tried to get married to Beyonce ...

~ blue ftls
~ dk beige dockers
~ light beige t under a dark blue button up shirt.
~ ma'new freaking boots! :D (got shoes here at work, but the boots are too much fun).
~ update a powerpoint presentation by noon
~ meet with a team at 2:00 to discuss said powerpoint presentation and plot for tomorrow
~ write a few letters ... (deep cryptic moment)
~ tonight? start planning the Survivor 8 run...
~ happy birthday to daikan's daddy-o
~ good luck today to dinkydo
~ hey... pixiecup, what's that crawling up your pant leg?
~ geezus... ladyfire... a little break would be nice
~ a load of good vibrating luck to my pal kimberly27616
~ buckets of properly seasoned karma to my lil'teq
~ sleep_walker... I know you have already left... but I am wishing you safe passage through this.
~ and welcome back Ward... er...Web-Hammer... er ... wbahner

Who works for a newspaper? Anybody? maybe you spouse or S.O.? I'm looking for info on something... :D

I had the exceptional pleasure of being a bit part player in a little on-line baby shower for my very very long time LJ friend ectv last night.
Some friends with streaming yahoo cams running and a group chat deal going on... games of "guess who" with baby pictures and gifts for the mommy to be...
Expanding tummies, beautiful lips, funny hats, and friendship. It was kinda neat to share in a moment like that.
Of all the wonder that has come into my world from my association with LJ ... sharing in the lives of friends having babies tops it all.
[ :: my baby picture from one of the games... :: ]

Have a great Monday muchachos et muchachas... or is that amigos et amigas?
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ps. it's freaking freeeeezing in here... and today I didn't wear a sweater!!! I practically ALWAYS wear a sweater... grrr...er.. .I mean Brrrrrrrr.

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Shoot that arrow.
Hit me ... make me cry.
It will only leave me stronger.
Never turn away... else we vanish.
Every moment will be like an eternity.

... and you will know what it is to be loved.
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I've been beavering away at a letter and some stuff tonight as I pursue some silly dreams.
More on that if I manage to get this tree to bear fruit. :D

I've also kept a recent post by justvisiting up on my screen so that [ :: this user icon :: ] is in the corner as I work. It's mezmerizing, in it's own way... and kinda drives you nutty after an hour.

We all collected in the family room after dinner tonight - a room only recently reclaimed from the little piles of things left over from the CTZ (Christmas Toy Zone).
The plan?
A family game of Cloodle. It's a kind of kiddie version of Cranium and it's really kinda fun. Ed (5) can play but needs a guiding hand... George plays so well that he actually tries to manipulate things so nobody wins - hence the game lasts longer. I should prol'y write the publishers to compliment them... I mean, he plays in a way specifically designed to get to play longer. :D Edward won.
Kinda of a high point in the game was when Z drew a "this and that" (or is it called "two things"?) card ... she had to speed away and come back with two things... something "yellow" and something that "makes a noise on it's own". She didn't make it before the egg timer wore out but there was much screaming and many peels of laughter as she tore through the house with the kids in hot pursuit.

Now it's time to catch up a bit and read some stuff on the upcoming Survivor Series.
It wouldn't be a stretch to assume I'll be writing updates again. :D